New trailer for Peter Jackson’s District 9

Peter Jackson latest venture District 9 takes a couple of different genres and melds them together for a conspiracy-documentary-alien film.

According to the synopsis, District 9 is based on Alive in Joburg, a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen and Shanon Worley. Copley also portrayed one of the interviewed policemen. The short film is about aliens landing in South Africa and becoming confined to a specific area and forced to work. In the movie these aliens are called “Non-Humans” and are overseen by Multi-National United (MNU), a company which is utilizing alien technology. Dirk Michaels (William Allen Young) is a soldier working for the MNU when he goes into District 9 and finds a tube. He activates the tube and is sprayed by a toxic chemical that makes him become half human and half “Non-Human”, which makes him a wanted man on both sides.

District 9 is due out August 14. The District 9 trailer as follows: