So, Johnny Depp Was On ‘The Walking Dead’ On Sunday, Sort Of — Did You See Him?

Anyone and everyone who watches The Walking Dead knows that many celebrities around the world are fans of the show. At the same time, the show’s creators are fans of different celebs and stuff like that. Well, such was the case in Sunday’s episode, as Johnny Depp himself made a cameo on the zombified show, but not entirely. He sort of made a cameo. He was kind of there. Ok, Johnny Depp’s head was there.

Be warned that there could be some spoilers for the current Season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you’re not entirely caught up on things yet, you may be spoiled here and there.

Sunday’s episode was titled “Not Tomorrow Yet,” and there was a lot that went into the overly brutal episode in Season 6. While there was plenty of blood and a lot of guts to be found, there was also the decapitated head of Johnny Depp.

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Greg Nicotero was the director of this episode, and he also happens to be a special effects genius that can do just about anything. With that, he spoke with Entertainment Weekly about Depp’s head appearing in The Walking Dead and said it just kind of happened.

In the scene in question, Rick is looking at some severed heads to replace that of Gregory (Xander Berkeley), the leader of the Hilltop Colony. The problem is that Berkeley didn’t have time to do a head cast, so Nicotero ended up casting his own head.

From there though, Nicotero ended up spilling the secret about the Johnny Depp head.

“One of the other heads, I don’t know if I’m going to get in trouble if I say this, was Johnny Depp. I think we had sculpted an emaciated version of a dummy head for something and we used Johnny Depp’s head as a basis just for a clay sculpt.”

In a funny note, Nicotero continued on and said that the head props, including Johnny Depp, were being fought over on set. Most notably, Daryl Dixon himself wanted to take home a few souvenirs after shooting.

“Norman [Reedus, who plays Daryl] kept saying he wanted the heads when we were done shooting.”

Leave it to Daryl Dixon to want to take home a decapitated head of Johnny Depp.

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As for the third head laid out on the road for Rick’s choosing? Well, no one is quite sure who that is, and Nicotero even said he doesn’t quite know who the third guy is, “but I’m in good company.”

IGN recapped the episode, titled “No Tomorrow Yet,” and they are one of everyone to say how absolutely brutal it was. Rick has gone off the deep end once again, and opened up with his murderous rampage on Negan’s crew.

Slowly but surely, Rick is delving deeper into his mind being lost, and his entire personality being that of someone truly disturbed. Yes, Negan is the big bad and he has his men go out to do bad things to survive, but Rick is taking things to new levels.

The ending of this past episode of The Walking Dead was clearly laid out and straight-forward: Kill everyone. Negan’s henchman really didn’t stand much of a chance, and this was some straight-up human-on-human violence that had nothing to do with the Walkers.

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Season 6 of The Walking Dead is in full swing, and violence is lashing out in just about every direction and character imaginable. Still, there is always time for a bit of humor to be interjected into things, and therein lies the decapitated head of Johnny Depp as the veteran actor made somewhat of a cameo.

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