Kylie Jenner Bares All In This Instagram Selfie

Kylie Jenner has been criticized one too many times for being overly made up. That’s why she now decided to bare it all in new Instagram post wearing no makeup. The picture has her wearing a white sweatshirt, her dark hair framing her face.

The caption on the picture says, “saw someone comment why I don’t embrace my freckles anymore. So here’s a freckle appreciation post.”

One could see freckles on her face, but they didn’t take away from her beauty.

saw someone comment why I don't embrace my freckles anymore. So here's a freckle appreciation post

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Clearly, Kylie’s fans liked the picture a lot and posted comments in favor of the photo. Many of them said “first,” possibly suggesting that it was the first time ever Kylie had appeared on Instagram without any makeup on.

Kylie Jenner is a true fashionista and is not afraid to show it. She constantly posts pictures on social media showing her penchant for fashion. Her lip kits are doing really well and selling out in 15 minutes flat.

She posted a message on March 7, asking her fans not to worry.

“We sold out in 15 minutes today! And we only keep making more every time! Thank you for all the love and support, I will keep bringing beautiful and amazing quality products to you guys! Hehe I have something fun in store for you guys coming very soon. & if you missed out this time.. All updates and restock info will always be posted on my app. The link for my app is in my bio. I love you guys! We did it!.”

It looks like she is not only focused on growing her cosmetic empire, but Kylie also wants to make sure that her fans are not left wanting for more.

However, Kylie doesn’t alway do the right thing. She recently posted a picture of a beautiful pair of heels with a vintage buckle. Of course, Kylie’s intention was to share with her fans her new fashion buy, but she ended up offending many of them. The picture had the caption “shoe of the day.” Kylie was wearing the shoe and it was placed on top of a chair with what looked like a fur seat. The seat was caged with horns. The picture was deleted later, but it can be seen on Seventeen magazine website.

waves don't die baby

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She recently posted a picture that showed off her chest in a slashed swimsuit. However, it was surely a throwback selfie. Kylie has often been blamed for copying her older half-sister Kim Kardashian. Although she definitely doesn’t need to copy her sister, it can be clearly seen that she does imitate her. In fact, Kanye West had to ask Kylie Jenner to stop copying Kim Kardashian.

“Kanye is Kylie’s biggest supporter and loves the sexy young lady she is becoming,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “He’s definitely been championing her for years as he sees real superstar potential in Kylie. That’s why he felt OK telling her that she needs to stop copying every move Kim makes and create her own identity.”

Surely, if Kylie wants to be as big as her sister, she would need a style of her own and not simply imitate her sister.


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And it seems like Kanye is pushing her more and more to be on her own.

“Kanye worships Kim,” the insider source explained. “[A]nd he has told Kylie there can only be one of her. Kylie hears what he’s saying but honestly, [she] doesn’t know where to take her look at this point. She’s digging her looks and style and doesn’t really care if she’s stepping on Kim’s toes a little.”

Do you like Kylie Jenner’s no makeup look?

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