‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Scrambles, Sam Digs, Curtis Makes An Offer, And Lulu And Dante Look Toward The Future

There will be a big focus on secrets on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that while Hayden and Nikolas are still hiding things from one another, a shift may be on the way in their relationship. Viewers will see a bit more regarding Jordan and Curtis in this March 8 episode as well, but there may be more questions raised than answers.

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Hayden got Nikolas a sentimental wedding gift, and this seemed to give him pause. He has been trying to figure out who Hayden really is, and he now has Sam working on the situation, as well. However, General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that Nikolas may start to change his line of thinking when it comes to trusting his new wife.

Sam orchestrated a meeting with Baxter Corbin, the man who saw Hayden in Las Vegas and called her Rachel. Sam was trying to get information out of Baxter about Rachel, but he didn’t give her a hint of anything. Hayden also spotted the two meeting, and this is sure to send her scrambling. General Hospital spoilers note that Sam will come out of this meeting with some sort of lead to further investigate, but she may not get far.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Sam will reconnect with Nikolas and tell him that she knows Baxter was lying about not knowing Hayden. Will Nik decide to back off of the investigation? Nikolas may end up staying the course, but teasers via Soap Central share that Elizabeth will end up voicing her opinion on this matter, seemingly thinking that Sam should drop it. Liz doesn’t like either Hayden or Sam, so this perspective could be interesting.

This week, Sam apparently comes up with something a bit surprising when she follows a lead, and Hayden will be feeling a lot of anxiety over trying to keep all of her secrets hidden. General Hospital spoilers haven’t pinned down the full truth on who “Rachel” is yet, but fans are definitely curious to see where this is headed.

Tuesday’s show also brings some action with Jordan and Curtis. General Hospital spoilers tease that he will offer up a deal to her. He will tell her that he will keep her secret if she keeps his. Viewers have yet to fully figure out what exactly has gone down between these two, but there are a few theories floating around, and everybody is curious to see where this is headed.

Andre and Jordan will meet up, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will tell her that this might be their last meal together. Is he bailing on this blossoming relationship already? That seems unlikely. Rather, it may be that Andre expects to head out of town for a bit or something of that nature, either on a mission or to handle Morgan’s medical care, as he is admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a while.

Viewers will also see Curtis connect with Hayden, seemingly offering a bit of help as she scrambles, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Anna and Paul will have a conversation during Tuesday’s show, too. Anna will reference wanting to see someone behind bars, surely Carlos, and it sounds as if Carlos and Sabrina will be back on the canvas soon.

There will be a bit about Dante and Lulu in Tuesday’s show as well. As everybody saw on Monday’s episode, Lulu finally told Dante that she still loves him and wants to be with him, and he reciprocated her feelings. General Hospital spoilers share that the two will spend some quality time reconnecting in this next show, talking about wanting to spend their lives together.

What is the truth about Hayden’s past? What secret is Curtis keeping about Jordan? Viewers are quite curious to see where things head from here as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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