J.K. Rowling Sharing More About American Magic School

J.K. Rowling has confirmed she will share more about the American magic school and the history of magic in the country. It will all be shared in a four-part series this week on her Harry Potter website, Pottermore.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter continues to grow. Just weeks after releasing the names of more wizarding schools around the world, Rowling says she will share more about the American world of magic. This comes off the back of the upcoming release of her first movie involving the American School of Magic, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. So far, the American world has been surrounded in secrecy, due to magic being frowned upon in the country in Rowling’s world.

The author has kept the Harry Potter world alive with Pottermore. She regularly releases articles and short stories surrounding the characters from her seven books on the Boy Who Lived. Now she is expanding that universe, and the first installment of her four-part series will be released on Tuesday. The series is called Magic in North America, and will go into the wizards and witches in the country. There will be links to other parts of the world, if the statement is anything to go by.

Fans can expect to read Rowling’s first installment at 2pm GMT. The next three parts will be released throughout the week.

“Prepare to learn much more about the wizarding world this year, as we publish the first in a series of new writing by J.K. Rowling called ‘Magic in North America.'”

A trailer has been released for Rowling’s upcoming series, and it indicates that the fantasy world will be connected to the real world in some events. There will be a look at the Salem witch trials, as well as the history of Native American magic involving skin walkers. These are elements that many other fantasy worlds surrounding magic and witches have looked into, but this is J.K.’s take on the connections.

A.V. Club also reports that the series will look at the American version of the Ministry of Magic, called the Magical Congress of the United States. This is something Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will involve, as the trailer shows Eddie Redmayne’s character visiting them.

“We were able to share with you the name of the North American wizarding school earlier this year, but there’s just so much more to tell you about witches and wizards across the world.”

The series about Magic in North America will continue further. These four stories are just one part of the bigger picture. Rowling has also confirmed that Fantastic Beasts will definitely be a three-part series, allowing her to explore her magical world even further.

This is the first time another magical community has been fully explored in the Harry Potter universe. While other schools have been named and characters been shared, both inside and outside of the Harry Potter books, Rowling has not shared too much detail. Fans are hoping that she will now set a precedent for exploring more schools and the origins of magic in different countries.

The American school has been the one most surrounded in mystery so far. This is possibly due to the fact that Rowling knew she was penning a series about the history of magic, one that could possibly go into why Americans call muggles “no-maj” instead. It is too early to tell whether there will be any stories focusing on other parts of the world or whether the Americans will interact with schools or magical governments in other countries.

Rowling’s four installments will be released throughout the week. From Tuesday, there will be a new piece of writing every day, released at 2pm GMT each day. All will be made available at Pottermore, which is completely free to sign up to. Fans can delve further into the wizarding world before the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in November. The movie was based on a textbook created by Rowling for the Harry Potter universe.

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