Lady Gaga Speaks Out For Kesha, Opens Up About Abuses In The Music Industry

Lady Gaga stays strong in her support for Kesha, Mashable reports.

During an interview with Carson Daly on AMP Radio 97.1 on Monday, Lady Gaga talked about her widely-praised Oscars performance of “Til It Happens To You,” a song she wrote in support of sexual assault victims. Due to the subject matter, the conversation eventually led to Lady Gaga’s ongoing support for Kesha, who is still embroiled in a legal battle against Dr. Luke. In October 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke for allegedly raping and drugging her. After a February hearing where Kesha’s request for a preliminary injunction that would allow her to record new music without Dr. Luke was rejected, many pop stars, including Lady Gaga, took to social media to voice out their support for the “Tik Tok” singer.

Lady Gaga, 29, who revealed in 2014 that she was raped by someone who works in the music industry when she was 19, told Carson that she won’t back down in her ongoing support for Kesha.

“I just want to stand by her side because I can’t watch another woman that went through what I’ve been through suffer, you know? And have everyone have a go at her as if, you know, she’s lying,” Gaga said. “I mean, I have to say. I talk to her every day. I’m friends with her personally and what I’m watching her go through is not only something I’ve been through, but something that’s really devastating to witness.”

In February, People obtained a 2011 video sent by a source close to Dr. Luke that shows Kesha claiming that the producer never made sexual advances toward her. After the video made its rounds on the internet, Kesha’s lawyer, Mark Regaros, responded to the legal maneuver, saying that the said video was a “Hail Mary” attempt to once again blame the victim. Geragos added that Dr. Luke threatened to destroy Kesha’s life and those of her family if she revealed the sexual assaults committed against her in the 2011 deposition.

The “Bad Romance” singer went on to explain why so many people are afraid to speak up about the offenses committed against them.

“Nobody wants to say anything implicitly against anyone. Number one, because none of us are vindictive people. We don’t want to hurt anybody,” explained Gaga. “But number two, I think everyone’s really afraid of somebody coming after them. And that’s just the way that this business works… I’m trying to be standing by her, but I’m also trying to protect myself and my family and it’s a very complicated thing.”

“But I will say, the reason that I’m standing by her is because I want to help make it easier for young artists in this industry, for their music to get heard. I’ve told you before, Carson, what it was like coming up for me in this business. It was so hard and it’s supposed to be hard. It’s not supposed to be easy, but the things you have to deal with on a moral and ethical level with people related to money and sex and contracts. You know, it’s really scary for a young person and I just think that people should be educated about that while the country’s deciding where justice should be served.”

During an interview with Howard Stern in December 2014, Lady Gaga talked at length about the emotional trauma she suffered after being sexually assaulted by a man “20 years older” than her and how she overcame that trauma, which she admitted involved focusing on “happy times” before finally mustering the courage to slowly tell her story.

“I don’t want to be defined by it. I’ll be damned if somebody’s gonna say that every creatively intelligent thing that I ever did is all boiled down to one d—head that did that to me,” Lady Gaga told Stern. “I’m gonna take responsibility for all my pain looking beautiful and all the things I’ve made out of my strife. I did that.”

Lady Gaga added that she will stand with Kesha through the lawsuit.

“We’re going to shake the tree until that leaf that has Kesha on it falls. I care about her.”

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