Lauren Bushnell, JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, Amanda Stanton, And Becca Tilley React To ‘Women Tell All’

Some of the women who made the biggest impression on Ben Higgins during Season 20 of The Bachelor have posted their reactions to the Women Tell All special that aired on Monday night. Lauren Bushnell, who viewers will see on next week’s finale episode as one of the final two women, the other being JoJo Fletcher, showed her support for two of the women she competed with: Amanda Stanton and Jubilee Sharpe. Caila Quinn, who was sent home on last week’s episode after the fantasy suite overnight dates, also gave her thoughts on the special that she participated in.

Lauren tweeted that Amanda Stanton, who Ben sent home after the hometown dates, is “the classiest.”

Lauren then retweeted the show’s tweet that asked people to retweet to thank Jubilee for her service to the country. Jubilee announced on the special that she just made sergeant in the army.

JoJo Fletcher sent love to Becca Tilley, whom she thought wore a killer outfit.

Caila poked fun at the male audience member who surprised everyone by showing that he got a tattoo in the likeness of Lace Morris.

Caila posted a photo of herself with Amanda and Jennifer. Caila found Amanda’s voice, which was raspy on the day of filming because she was ill, sexy.

Caila also admitted that she didn’t like how her hair turned out.

As for her thoughts regarding Ben Higgins now, Caila tweeted that Ben was a gentleman till the end and that she has nothing but respect and well wishes for him.

Caila was on stage with Chris Harrison for a portion of the Women Tell All special. She talked about how heartbroken she was and admitted that she misses talking to Ben. She also said that she wants someone to look at her the way Ben looks at JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell.

After Ben came out on the stage, Caila asked him if her sometimes confusing behavior and conversations stalled their relationship in any way. Ben said that it didn’t, that his feelings for JoJo and Lauren were just stronger.

Caila Quinn may get another chance at finding love on the show. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Caila said last week that she would consider becoming the next star of The Bachelorette. Us Weekly, citing a source, reported last week that Caila will need be the franchise’s next star. The show has yet to make an official announcement. The show’s creator and producer, Mike Fleiss, tweeted on Sunday that the official announcement will come soon.

Amanda Stanton apologized to viewers in advance for her voice at the special. During the special, Amanda told Ben that seeing his emotional response to sending her home meant a lot to her.

“That meant so much to me. I think you are going to be… a really good dad someday.”

While watching himself be confronted by the women he sent home must not have been very fun for Ben Higgins, there were also some funny moments for him. Towards the end of The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, bloopers were shown. One blooper showed Becca Tilley, during a conversation with Caila, say Chris Soules’ name instead of Ben. When she realized her mistake, she covered her mouth with her hands and said an expletive. Becca was the runner-up on Chris’ season of The Bachelor Season 19 prior to competing on Ben’s season, where she was sent home before the hometown dates.

“Oh s**t. Wrong season!”

Becca, who said on the special that Ben gave her hope that there are good men out there, reacted to the scene with an embarrassed tweet.

Ben sent Becca a tweet, joking that she must have been referring to host Chris Harrison rather than Chris Soules.

Becca playfully played along to Ben’s suggestion.

On the Women Tell All special, Ben Higgins confirmed that he’s still very much in love with the woman he chose at the end. He said that he would actually marry her immediately if he could. Will viewers see Ben propose to Lauren Bushnell or JoJo Fletcher. The answer comes on on next week’s season finale.

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