NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Recruiting For New York Knicks, Targeting Kevin Durant

NBA rumors regarding the New York Knicks and their plans for the upcoming free agency period have been running rampant since Phil Jackson took over as team president. Last summer, Jackson went out and acquired good role players like Arron Afflalo and Robin Lopez. According to ESPN, Carmelo Anthony wants to help out this year by recruiting some of the top players in the NBA to come join him in the Big Apple.

Some pretty interesting names will be available in free agency this summer. At the top of everyone’s list is Kevin Durant, who might be leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. Though they play the same position, Carmelo Anthony would love to have Durant in the same lineup. Both super scorers can rotate between small forward and power forward, depending on who the New York Knicks are playing on a particular night.

Kevin Durant [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

Mike Conley is going to be a free agent this upcoming summer, and reports have surfaced that he’s not opposed to leaving the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s no secret that the New York Knicks need an upgrade at the point guard position. Fans at Madison Square Garden recently went crazy when the underachieving Jimmer Fredette was called up. Conley would certainly be an upgrade over Jose Calderon and Fredette.

Al Horford doesn’t know what his future with the Atlanta Hawks will be. Right before the NBA Trade Deadline, there were talks that the Hawks were fielding calls about moving Horford to another team before he becomes a free agent this upcoming summer. If Al doesn’t feel that Atlanta is fully committed to him, then he can take his talents to the New York Knicks, where his versatile skills set would make him a great fit in the Triangle Offense.

Kings guard Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]

Rajon Rondo has already publicly stated that he would be a horrible fit with the Triangle Offense, so the New York Knicks are not going to be on his list when he becomes a free agent. Carmelo Anthony, however, begs to argue. The former Syracuse Orange star believes that Rondo can thrive in the offensive scheme that Phil Jackson has utilized to win multiple NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

Last year, the New York Knicks attempted to sign DeAndre Jordan and Greg Monroe. Carmelo Anthony wasn’t around when the recruiting pitches were taking place. No word on whether or not whose decision that was. Some feel that the presence of Anthony might have encouraged one of the big name free agents to sign with the Knicks. NBA players sometimes have a tendency to trust their peers more than executives.

Anthony and Porzingis
Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis [Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

On the court, it’s clear that Carmelo Anthony is no longer the same player. He’s matured a bit and trusts his teammates a bit more. In the past, he would try to win games all by himself. Now, he’s deferring to the other New York Knicks players. Anthony is giving them a chance to get their rhythm going by sacrificing some of his own stats. By wanting to help the team acquire top level NBA free agents, it shows that Carmelo is starting to mature off the court as well.

If Carmelo Anthony can convince Kevin Durant to join the New York Knicks, then he’s going to be beloved well after his playing days in the NBA are done. If Anthony can continue to groom Kristaps Porzingis into the next superstar and win an NBA Championship, then statues are going to be made of Carmelo. The Brooklyn native wants to be known as a brilliant entrepreneur some day, and he can boost his reputation by giving the best sales pitch of his life in free agency.

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