‘Married At First Sight’ Spoilers: Sam Breaks Down In Tears, Does She Want Neil Back?

On this episode of Married at First Sight that will air on March 8, Sam will start talking to Neil and with tears explain how hard things have been on her.

“The first couple weeks were quite rough, and [I want to say] that I am sincerely sorry for the way I behaved, the looks I gave, the nasty comments I made and being so judgmental. I’m sad because if I were you, I would have asked for a divorce, too, because I didn’t like what I saw in me. I don’t think that there are words to express how sorry and ashamed I am of how I treated you.”

Of course, Sam has been at home now, watching herself on Married at First Sight and seeing the way that she treated Neil. During the first couple of weeks of marriage for these two, Sam was really hard on Neil. It is obvious that she realizes that, now that she has watched herself on Married at First Sight. Neil was really nice to her about it all, saying he knows her emotions are proving how she feels.

New York Post got the chance to talk to Sam and Neil six months after the Married at First Sight finale and found out exactly how they are doing now. Neil was asked what the main reason was that he thought that this Married at First Sight marriage might not work and explained his thoughts.

“There was not one main sticking point for me; it was a cumulative experience that influenced my decision. During Decision Day, I explained to the experts as follows: Sam and I had fundamentally different experiences — her attraction grew over time whereas mine waned.”

Sam then spoke out about wanting to stay married to Neil on Married at First Sight. She really did want this marriage to work and revealed all.

“It seemed as if things had only been on the upside for the last couple of weeks, but I actually started to really like Neil the weekend my father and him went to the shooting range. I went into this experiment knowing that it was going to be a bumpy ride, considering we were both strangers. I never wanted to get a divorce from Neil. . . [He] also gave me no inclination that he wasn’t committed to staying married at the end of the six weeks. He said he had forgiven me for the way that I treated him and that he was so happy with how I was changing and growing with the process and the homework that the experts had given me. I really began to see myself growing old with him and looked forward to living together and creating a home once the cameras were gone.”

Neil did reveal that Sam didn’t know going into the Married at First Sight finale that he was going to call it quits. Neil shared he didn’t even know his decision in advance. Neil knew she wanted it to work and Sam knew he was unsure of his Married at First Sight decision. It doesn’t look like Sam and Neil will be getting back together, but they are on good terms.

Do you think that Sam is going to try to win Neil back on Married at First Sight? Do you think that Sam would even consider taking her back? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss the big Married at First Sight reunion show on March 8.

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