Flavor Flav Crashes Local Weather Broadcast [Video]

Flavor Flav, a man with many job titles, has added another to his list, as Flavor Flav has made an appearance as a weather man on a local Utah news broadcast. A celebrity popping up on a local news broadcast has the potential to create a viral video, and sometimes it is an unplanned appearance. However, for Flavor Flav, it was all planned out.

According to Billboard, the reality TV star Flavor Flav made a planned guest appearance on Fox 13’s Good Day Utah, Flavor Flav’s duty was to present the weather forecast for Salt Lake city and its surrounding areas. Flavor Flav actually took time out to learn how to present the weather with the green-screen back drop, which is no small feat, as it actually takes a while for someone to learn the mechanics of the weather green screen so that they can figure out exactly where to point as they address different locations and weather patterns. Flavor Flav was on top of the task and made it entertaining as he did his report and threw in some rhymes.

“I’m really here, you know what I’m sayin’. To bring y’all the weather, not only for the good but for the better. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t playing.”

Flavor Flav’s weather broadcast was a well-planned segment, as there were graphics composed for his appearance. In true Flavor Flav style, he sported a respectably large clock and the rest of his normal attire. Flavor Flav did have a few hiccups on his segment, as he mispronounced Elko and constantly said “You know what I’m sayin.” Flavor Flav did end his segment by letting the world know that this isn’t his thing.

“I’m not really a weather person, I’m a rapper.”

Flavor Flav ended his report by giving a shout out to his brother, who is an athletic director at a local school and Flavor Flav’s reason for being in the area. Before his shout out, Flavor Flav also thanked Fox for the opportunity to host the weather segment. After the weather report, Flavor Flav followed it up with a non-weather-related interview.

The feature with Flavor Flav is not the first time Fox has had a celebrity do the weather. In Chicago, Good Day Chicago a few months ago had actor Bruce Campbell pop up and offer a similar report. Unlike Flavor Flav, Bruce’s report was a bit longer, as the weather report turned into a traffic report and more. It’s no shock that Flavor Flav’s local moment in the sun was shorter.

Flavor Flav has been in the spot light on and off since he started his career as a rapper. He was a part of the hip-hop group Public Enemy. Flavor Flav and his fellow Public Enemy rappers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Flavor Flav shined brighter in the spot light when he was known as a reality star in search of love. Flavor’s reality TV show led to spinoffs and has kept him in the mind of viewers for years. Flavor Flav latest career has him as a restaurant investor. Meteorology is probably not on his list of careers, but it will be fun to see what Flavor Flav will come with next.

[Image by Ethan Miller/ Getty Images]