Katie Couric Launching Daytime Talk Show, Dreams Of Date With George Clooney

Katie Couric is starting a new daytime talk show, and is currently combing for high-profile guests. Reports suggest that Couric is looking at Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, George Clooney, and even President Barack Obama for potential interviews.

Her new talk show, Katie, is produced by ABC Studios, and is set to premiere September 10th. So who will share the dais with Couric when her show goes live? The hunt is on-going, but Couric is courting big names in politics and celebrity circles for an appearance on her new show, reports MSN. “I have invited both candidates and their wives and anyone else in their family they’d like to bring,” Couric said. “And yes, I have invited Sarah Palin to come on the show as well.”

Unfortunately, Couric has not yet received a response from her ideal interviewees.

Couric’s new show is meant to tackle tougher issues that “you think people want to know more about,” according to the host. In addition to high-profile interviews, the show will also include a bucket-list style segment called “YOLO” (popular parlance for “you only live once”) and Couric even shared some of her own “YOLO” wishes. Among other things, Couric would like to jump out of an airplane, star in a Broadway musical, and go on a date with George Clooney, reports Yahoo!News.

“I’d like to go out with George Clooney, if you can arrange that,” she said with a laugh.

Couric announced her ABC talk show after a short stint with CBS News last year. Couric cites her experience at CBS as the toughest of her career, reports NBC. “I was criticized a lot,” she explained. “And the criticism seemed so shallow: They didn’t like the way I was holding my hands doing the news, or the white jacket I wore after Labor Day,” she recalled.

“It was hard for me to understand some of the vitriol that was unleashed and sent my way,” Couric said. “But it was a great character-building experience.”