WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens At Wrestlemania 32

WWE rumors swirl around this time of year because everyone is angling for a highly coveted spot at Wrestlemania 32. Since he holds the WWE Intercontinental Championship, Kevin Owens has a really good chance at being given a spot on the card at the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. According to Sports Illustrated Fansided, the man he will face at the biggest wrestling extravaganza of the year is none other than Sami Zayn, his nemesis from NXT and ROH.

On Monday Night Raw, Kevin Owens and Adrian Neville were having what seemed to be an uneventful match. Afterwards, Owens channeled his inner heel and produced quite the beat down to Neville. Fans expected someone to come rushing out of the curtains to make the baby face save, with some people even purposely turning their heads towards the ramp to get the first glimpse at the hero.

WWE star Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens [Photo by WWE]

In a move that was both a surprise and yet not a surprise, WWE sent Sami Zayn out to make the save for Adrian Neville. He brawled with Kevin Owens to let fans know that there would be a program starting between the two. The move wasn’t all that surprising because rumors have been floating around that Zayn was going to be receiving a promotion from NXT to the main roster after Wrestlemania 32.

While it’s far from being the most-hyped or most-anticipated match at Wrestlemania 32, the decision to pair Sami Zayn with Kevin Owens is a good one. For starters, there’s already a back story that took place in NXT, so the creative department doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to explain why the two of them hate one another. Secondly, it is a smart move to put these two together because they have so much chemistry that their match should be absolutely superb.

WWE star Adrian Neville
Adrian Neville [Photo by WWE]

Throughout the history of WWE, a good way to give a performer some momentum and credibility is by doing a title change. It helped Carlito quite a bit when he defeated John Cena for the United States Heavyweight Championship on his very first night with the company. The impact of Zayn winning the Intercontinental Championship from Kevin Owens wouldn’t feel as powerful as what Carlito did, but it does give Sami a quick boost before joining the main roster on a full time basis.

Kevin Owens isn’t actually doing all that much with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. His feuds haven’t been quite as engaging as they should be when the secondary title in the company is involved. Losing the IC title wouldn’t have too much of a negative effect on Owens, as fans still enjoy his performances in the ring. Plus, he’s also a heel. Many in the audience would enjoy watching him losing the belt, especially to someone as energetic as Sami Zayn.

WWE star John Cena
John Cena [Photo by WWE]

WWE sometimes has the bad habit of causing performers to lose momentum after they make a hot debut. Adrian Neville was extremely hyped when he first showed up on the main roster, but his matches are now just filler ones. Kevin Owens looked like a main event guy after shockingly defeating John Cena cleanly, but he’s now stuck in the mid card. World Wrestling Entertainment should do everything possible to ensure that Sami Zayn does not suffer the same fate.

On Monday Night Raw, WWE gave fans exactly what they wanted. Sami Zayn was promoted to the main roster. He was also given a highly coveted spot at Wrestlemania 32, something that a lot of performers are going to miss out on. Now, fans wait to see if World Wrestling Entertainment gives him the push he deserves.

[Photo by WWE]