Peyton Manning Asks James Harrison To Take It Easy On Him

Peyton Manning missed most of last season due to a shoulder injury. Now, after several surgeries, the Super Bowl winning quarterback will finally step back onto the field.

But Peyton is a little hesitant. Well, he just hopes that linebacker James Harrison doesn’t knock him out when the Denver Broncos face the Pittsburgh Steelers during the opening game of the NFL season on September 9th.

Peyton told ESPN that he isn’t concerned about his shoulder. At the same time, however, he hopes that he doesn’t get blindsided by a linebacker like Harrison.

Peyton said:

“I have no concern over (my shoulder)… I’m not begging James Harrison to blind side me by any means but I feel I’m going to be able to handle that…. So James, I love you and don’t take this as a challenge now… Go easy on me if you can.”

Peyton Manning’s shoulder was one of the reasons that the Indianapolis Colts decided to let him go after last season. The Colts picked up Andrew Luck and traded Manning to the Denver Broncos. Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks to play in the NFL but there are a lot of question marks hanging over this season.

Do you think Peyton Manning will be in top form come September?