October 28, 2016
Granny's Got The Lambo: 2 Grandmothers Get Lamborghini And 1.2 Million YouTube Views [Video]

If you haven't seen the viral video titled "Two Grannies, One Lamborghini" by Donut Media on YouTube yet, take a look. Uploaded to YouTube on March 3, the video showing two grandmothers driving a Lamborghini around town has swelled to more than 1.2 million views in that short time.

The video by Donut Media described how they got a viral hit after giving two grandmothers the keys to the type of car generally not seen driven by women their age. The result is a hilarious adventure that ensues as the two women take off in a driveway, initially driving the Lamborghini forward instead of in reverse.

"How would you react if you saw two grandmas pull up in a 650hp Lamborghini? We gave two grannies keys to a Lambo, and let them drive around town to run some errands!"
The Lamborghini caused confusion when the two women tried to figure out how to open the trunk in order to place their groceries therein. Along came a "hottie" elderly gentleman to help, and ask if the Lamborghini had room for him. The women joked that they didn't even have room for their groceries. That's when one grandmother urged the other to go chat him up as he searched for information about the Lamborghini's trunk.
"Granny's got the Lambo today..."
The two grandmothers drove around Los Angeles in the Lamborghini, reported the Huffington Post. Even in Los Angeles, where luxury cars aren't that much of a head-turner, heads turned as the two grandmothers waved and laughed and smiled and urged a man to take their photo.

Seeing grandmas behind the wheel of a 650 horsepower Lamborghini was apparently enough of a sight for folks catching a glimpse of the two women around Los Angeles that they got lots of attention. The luxury car was driven slowly, after the women noted how the Lambo purred like a kitten or roared like a lion.

The women spoke of tearing rubber in the car, if the car in front of them wasn't going so slowly. Ironically, they turned a corner and passed a car of a similar elk, with the driver's face blurred out. The two grandmothers drove around the section of Los Angeles on popular Venice Boulevard as the two grannies made quite a sight in the Lamborghini.

"Here we go, baby!"
As a result of the unique view of two grandmothers taking such a luxury car to such an ordinary place -- the grocery store -- folks are commenting in droves and letting the world know their reactions to the funny video. The names of the grandmothers are Peggy and Audrey. They make a spry pair as they discuss a cute cashier, like a couple of schoolgirls.

The Lamborghini was parked in a handicapped parking lot, as viewers likely held their collective breaths as they waited for the luxury car to be wrecked or crashed by the women. However, it appeared the women were able to safely navigate the luxury car around town, at least for the footage shown online.

It makes sense that Donut Media would come up with a viral way to bring attention to their brand, since they create YouTube videos geared at the next generation of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts. According to the Donut Media Facebook page, Peggy is an actress, and Audrey works for the school district of Los Angeles. Audrey Linden posted the following.

"Such fun! I was one of the grandma's. Honed down to 3 minutes. We drove around all day! Had a great time with the Ghini."
Peggy Flinn Glenn pushed back at a Facebook comment alleging that she only drove 10 miles per hour.
"Are you kidding? Got it into reverse, got up to second gear, turned corners, parked, and always with my foot on the gas or the brake. Major fun!"
[AP Photo/Jae C. Hong]