Kylie Jenner: Is She Looking More And More Like Kim Kardashian?

Kylie Jenner is a celebrity in her own right. With a huge fan following and her own line of cosmetics, she doesn’t really need to copy anyone. However, if you closely follow her, it’s quite obvious who Kylie is modelling her style on. It’s none other than her half sister, Kim Kardashian. In fact, Kim Kardashian’s husband Kanye West went as far as to tell Kylie to stop copying Kim K.

Although it’s understandable that Kylie would want to follow her sister, who is a style icon, it looks like Kanye did not like that one bit.

However, his comments may not be out of anger towards Kylie Jenner, as it seems more like his way of offering the advice that Kylie needs to create her own identity.

“Kanye is Kylie’s biggest supporter and loves the sexy young lady she is becoming,” an insider told “He’s definitely been championing her for years as he sees real superstar potential in Kylie. That’s why he felt OK telling her that she needs to stop copying every move Kim makes and create her own identity.” The sources have gone on to say that Kanye loves Kim very much and said that there can only be one of her, which also means he is not really happy with Kylie sporting Kim Kardashian’s look.

“Kanye worships Kim,” the insider source says. “[A]nd he has told Kylie there can only be one of her. Kylie hears what he’s saying but honestly, [she] doesn’t know where to take her look at this point. She’s digging her looks and style and doesn’t really care if she’s stepping on Kim’s toes a little.”

There was another source that said Kylie feels a lot of pressure to look like Kim Kardashian, who is very sexy and good looking. “Kylie feels a tremendous amount of pressure to compete with Kim. No one wants her to try and live up to Kim’s fame and beauty, but Kylie can’t help but compare herself to her sexy older sister. She sees herself in Kim and wants to be like her. But it’s really tough on her mentally because Kim is so beautiful and sexy. Her body is crazy sexy and Kylie gets frustrated trying to emulate her,” an insider told

However, Kylie has not been shy about emulating her older sister. She did admit that her style is definitely inspired by Kim. The source goes on to say that she really just wants to be better than Kim when it comes to dressing up. Additionaly, she even wants a body like her’s.

“Kylie uses make up, finds the sexiest dresses and outfits, and has her stylists giving her every beauty secret they can to help her outdo Kim,” the insider continues. “She really wants to one up Kim. She wants a better body than Kim.” It seems like it would be better if Kylie just looked like herself.

However, it’s not just Kylie Jenner who models herself on Kim Kardashian, the reports say that Tyga tries to be like Kanye West too, indicating that the couple wants to be like Kanye-Kim. Daily Mail said that Kylie has been stealing many of Kim’s looks.

There have also been rumors that Kylie has had breast implants to make her body look more like Kim Kardashian’s. However, she has denied the rumors and says her boobs are pushed up with tape, has reported. “To whoever thinks I have breast implants, there’s a whole lot of tape in here to hold these up,” Kylie said.

Do you really think Kylie Jenner copies Kim Kardashian when it comes to style? Or is she developing her own style?

[Photo By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]