NFL Rumors: Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan Not Afraid To Sign Robert Griffin III

NFL rumors have been swirling around Robert Griffin III from the moment that the Washington Redskins promoted Kirk Cousins to the starting quarterback position. Many have long wondered where his next home in the National Football League was going to be. According to NFL, a potential new team for Griffin III is the Buffalo Bills, whose head coach Rex Ryan is not one to shy away from the media attention that the dynamic quarterback would bring with him.

Even as he stood on the sidelines, Robert Griffin III generated more attention from the media than many of the guys that were on the field playing. No one cared if the offensive guard made a fantastic pulling block to clear the lanes for the running back to drive home the game winning touchdown. All everyone wanted to know was what was going through the mind of a guy that was supposed to have been the franchise quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Redskins star Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins [Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images]

Earlier in the year, the Washington Redskins essentially informed the media that Robert Griffin III would be playing for another NFL team next season. Well, reports have now surfaced that they have informed the former Baylor Bears star that he will be released in the coming days. As soon as that happens, there should be a free agency frenzy surrounding Griffin III because several teams are lacking an NFL caliber starting quarterback.

Among the teams that are expected to contact Robert Griffin III are the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and Cleveland Browns. Though their quarterback production last season was much better than anyone expected, the Buffalo Bills have decided to throw their name into the hat at the last minute. Griffin III actually has a very good chance at being the starter for the Bills next season.

Bills star Tyrod Taylor
Tyrod Taylor [Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]

Tyrod Taylor ended up playing 14 games for the Buffalo Bills last season. That was more than anyone expected, especially those that neglected him in fantasy football. Something that really was unexpected was the fact that Taylor ended up being the seventh highest rated quarterback in the NFL. From a numbers standpoint, Tyrod outperformed Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady, all of whom are considered among the best players in the National Football League.

Despite his surprising production, the Buffalo Bills are a bit hesitant to pay Tyrod Taylor. Bills general manager Doug Whaley has to make a big financial decision based on less than a full season of play. If Taylor gets a big contract and becomes a bust, then Whaley will have his resume tarnished. His future as an NFL executive becomes abysmal. It makes all the sense in the world for Whaley to check out as many options as possible.

Rex Ryan [Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images]

Robert Griffin III has shown flashes of being an NFL caliber quarterback. That’s how he won the Rookie of the Year award. Though he should shoulder much of the blame for the failed stint, it’s not completely his fault that things did not work out with the Washington Redskins. It’s not too late nor is it impossible for Griffin III to redeem himself and have a very productive career in the National Football League.

Under his first year, Rex Ryan led the Buffalo Bills to an 8-8 record. They were unable to break the 16-year consecutive streak of missing the NFL Playoffs. Since they were so close, the belief is that the Bills simply need a couple of upgrades to make the postseason this upcoming fall. If Robert Griffin III can outperform Tyrod Taylor, then Buffalo fans might finally know once again what it feels like to compete for the Super Bowl.

[Featured Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]