Madonna Booed During Very Brief Concert

Fans at a Madonna concert on Thursday were enraged when the queen of pop music played for only 45 minutes before exiting the stage without warning. Ironically the concert was supposed to celebrate France’s tolerance but instead ended with people jeering and booing the pop singer while flocking to Twitter where they publicly chastised her decision.

The “intimate event” at Paris’ Olympia club was being streamed live to YouTube and it eventually drew 12,000 dislikes compared to 10,000 likes. The comments were coming in so quickly and viciously that Madonna’s team eventually stopped allowing comments from all viewing parties within 12 hours of the YouTube posting.

In what might be one of the worst social media fails of the last several months Madonna had invited her fans to tweet about the show using the hashtag “MDNAParis” and that tag quickly turned into a vehicle for vicious attacks against the singer.

The live streaming concert has since been available for rebroadcast and cuts off when Madonna leaves the stage. At the time of her exit fans appeared confused, unaware that the show was already over.

Madonna has not been a popular figure in France as of late, the countries far-right National Front has threatened to sue her after she showed an image of party lead Marine La Pen with a swastika on her forehead during a Bastille Day concert. After showing the swastika Madonna told the french newspaper Le Parisien:

“I’ve heard that a certain Marine Le Pen was upset with me. It’s not my intention to make enemies.”