Peter Ticktin Shares Throwback High School Photo Of 18-Year-Old Donald Trump -- Gets 25,000 Facebook Shares

A man named Peter Ticktin is certainly gaining plenty of attention for the Facebook post he wrote about Donald Trump. On March 4, at 8:40 p.m., Ticktin took to his Facebook page to share a photo of Trump and wax nostalgic about the Donald that Peter called a good guy being smeared in public.

Ticktin began his Facebook post -- which has been shared more than 25,000 times -- telling Facebook readers about the Trump that he knew from high school. At the end of the viral Facebook post, Peter included a photo of himself and one of Trump, nicknamed "D.T." from Jamaica, New York.

It's a much younger Trump than the one that can be seen in the above photo, which hails from June 28, 1978. That was the day that Governor Hugh Carey referenced a conception of the New York Hyatt Hotel/Convention facility to be built. Donald's photo on Peter's Facebook page shows a younger Trump, with Ticktin claiming that people don't change that much from the age of 17 or 18 until their adulthood -- a dubious claim that Peter uses as the basis to call Trump a good guy.

Peter didn't write about Donald's derogatory comments against the woman that Trump had called a "fat pig," nor did he take on Donald's comments calling Mexicans rapists. The Facebook post didn't cover author Max Lucado as he spoke out against Trump, as reported by the Christian Post.

Instead, Peter wrote that his firm, The Ticktin Law Group, doesn't favor getting involved in politics. However, Peter felt the need to write about Donald on his Facebook page. Ticktin felt Trump was getting "publicly smeared," and claimed that when he and Donald were friends in high school, Trump was a "decent and honest man."

Peter wrote that he was "aghast" whilst watching a recent debate involving Trump, and claimed that the other Republican contenders and the moderators set up Donald. Ticktin admitted Trump had his failures, but went on to write about the immature actions of those who engaged in name-calling and such. Peter wrote about the banter and accusations of "wet pants," small hands and the like.

"I am not suggesting that you should vote or not vote for anyone. I just need to defend a former friend who is being smeared.

"Like Donald Trump, I attended New York Military Academy ("NYMA") for high school. In fact, in our senior year, together, Donald was my captain, and I was his 1st Platoon Sergeant. I sometimes joke that I ran his first company for him, Company 'A.'

"People don't really change much from the ages of 17 and 18, and I know this guy. I know him to be a good decent guy. We lived and breathed an Honor Code in those years. It wasn't just a rule. It was our way of life. Neither Donald, nor any other cadet who graduated with us would ever lie, cheat, or steal from a fellow cadet. These values became irreversibly intertwined in the fabric of our personalities, of who we are.

"Of the 99 guys (no girls in those days) in our class, there is not one who I know who has a bad word to say about Donald Trump."

Peter took on the New York Times and tried to cast doubt about their reporters knowing the things Donald said off the record. Trump is scaring the Republican establishment, writes Peter.

Ticktin cast Trump as the victim of people who are supposedly lying about Donald, all the while adopting the language of Trump. Peter wrote that since he was close to Donald in their senior year in high school, he claims Trump has good character.

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