Kendall Jenner: Truth About What Really Happened Outside That Paris Nightclub

Kendall Jenner is flying high with her modelling career and has been posting pictures of her time in Paris. She is not only hitting the runways but having a lot of fun in nightclubs with her friend Gigi Hadid, too. However, here’s something that Kendall Jenner’s fans should be worried about. She was allegedly involved in a brawl outside a Paris nightclub. Although there were pictures released by certain publications that show her throwing a punch at a photographer, it’s not really clear if the said incident really happened, TheInquisitr has reported.


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Mirror has reported that the two were seen making their way out of the crowd. One could see quite a bit of crowd around the two girls, but it’s not really known if Kendall really did punch a photographer.

The pictures did have the two models pointing fingers at each other, but it’s not really known how far they went with it. But Us Weekly says that the model’s security guards made an intervention at the right time. Kendall Jenner is not a big fan of paparazzi and has talked about having struggled with coming to terms with their presence all the time, given that she is a supermodel and part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that appears in Keeping Up With The Kardashians — a reality TV series with many fans.

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Us Weekly reported that Kendall has confessed being scared of the paparazzi many times. However, she says she is more concerned about other people’s safety.

“There are definitely moments when the paparazzi scare me,” Jenner wrote on her website and app. “But I’m always more concerned about other people’s safety, especially when they’re driving. For example, if the paps run a red light — all twelve of them —and almost kill someone else, I’ll definitely tell them off.”

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Kendall’s concern with the photographers is valid, but this model does not let her worries come in the way of the fun she can have. Kendall has been posting several pictures of her and Gigi Hadid together, where the two are seen having fun with each other.

Kendall also posted videos that show her and Gigi indulging in some playful banter. The supermodels talk about their periods in the video and and their breasts too!

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“My boobs are really small right now,” Gigi tells Kendall as both cup their breasts. They are wearing matching black lingerie. “They get really big when it’s that time of the month,” Gigi said. Both of them agree in unison that their breasts do get bigger during “that time of the month!”
The video she posted on Instagram was captioned, “boob talk” and is available on Vogue, and it showed an interesting peek into the life of Kendall Jenner, the model. the video shows her shaving her legs in a car, chatting with Marc Jacobs, and just dancing around backstage in her lingerie.

In her recent Instagram picture, one can see Karl Lagerfield with a camera. It’s no secret that Kendall loves Karl and has time and again expressed her love for his designs. She even walked for his show!

go to bed Karl...JK love you

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Gigi Hadid and Kendall like to have fun when they can. The two were seen during Chane’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2016 twerking in high fashion gowns, The Inquisitr reported. It was during this time that the model had posted a picture of Lagerfeld captioned “life size.”

Despite leading a busy life as a fashion model, it’s not really known what is going on in Kendall Jenner’s love life. The last man she was seen with was Harry Styles. However, it’s not known if the two are together.

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