NFL Rumors: Brock Osweiler, Ryan Fitzpatrick Will Seek Better Offers

Rumors that Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brock Osweiler are joined at the hip in the free agency market appear to be more plausible with a stunning announcement coming from of the New York Jets camp on Monday.

That announcement was made via Twitter by the's Ian Rapoport early Monday morning, noting that the New York Jets and their 2015 starter Ryan Fitzpatrick are not close to reaching an agreement with only two days remaining before the free agency period starts.

Rumors are rampant that the reason Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets aren't seeing eye-to-eye on an agreement because of how much money quarterbacks have commanded this off-season. Oft-injured Sam Bradford re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on a two-year, $36 million deal, CBS Sports reported. The Washington Redskins locked up their valuable signal call Kirk Cousins using the NFL's franchise tag, leaving the player on the roster with a one-year, $19.95 million contract, Pro Football Talk reported.

The New York Post also reported that money was the division keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets from making a deal. The article suggested that Ryan Fitzpatrick wanted to be paid around the $16-18 million mark as other quarterbacks have commanded this off-season. Estimates around the league have New York only willing to offer between $8-10 million per year to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick with the Jets.

If money is the cause of the problem, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets only have Sam Bradford's deal to blame, NFL Spin Zone alleged. Comparing the two players' stats shows the two were fairly even except for touchdowns, where Ryan Fitzpatrick held a 31-19 advantage.

The report explains that the 33-year-old journeyman quarterback is not a long-term solution despite his stellar 2015 campaign. Ryan Fitzpatrick is, however, perhaps the best remaining quarterback without a contract, which is why the veteran's name has surfaced in rumors as a replacement to Brock Osweiler.

Ironically, Brock Osweiler was offered a contract in the range the Jets' athlete desires. According to, the Denver Broncos would target Ryan Fitzpatrick in free agency if their own 25-year-old free agent – Brock Osweiler – doesn't come to terms with the defending Super Bowl champions.

Being offered an enormous contract with multiple years -- something Ryan Fitzpatrick may want -- isn't the problem with Brock Osweiler. The Denver Broncos have already offered the career backup with seven starts to his credit a 3-year contract worth up to $45 million.

Previously, the Inquisitr called Brock Osweiler the Denver Broncos' most important free agent. While the team has other free agents to sign – namely defensive standouts Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan – the team would be left without a suitable replacement if Brock Osweiler decides to sign with another team.

But, the Houston Texans and Los Angeles Rams both have more space under their salary cap to make larger offers to Brock Osweiler, Fox Sports reports. Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien desires a pure passer, and Brock Osweiler certainly fits that bill, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The Cleveland Browns have what's estimated as the most money under the salary cap at $50 million. Yet, the awful team Hue Jackson inherited has options for adding a quarterback beyond Brock Osweiler. Rumors already have the Browns using their No. 2 draft pick on a quarterback instead of pursuing Brock Osweiler during the free agency period.

Should Brock Osweiler leave Denver, expect the Broncos to jump to the top of the list of teams interested in Ryan Fitzpatrick. The New York Post put together a list of five squads that might have interest in the Jets' starter in 2015 with the St. Louis Rams leading the list.

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