‘Quantico’ Spoilers: Alex Crosses A Line As The Terrorist Takes Control, Caleb’s Fate To Be Revealed Soon

ABC’s Quantico is finally back after a lengthy winter hiatus, and fans had a lot to absorb in Sunday night’s midseason return. Things jumped ahead three months from when the FBI command center was blown up, and 32 FBI agents were killed in the blast. What Quantico spoilers are available about where things head next?

Viewers watched as Agent Alex Parrish and many others testified about whether Elias Harper had acted alone when he coordinated the explosions of Grand Central Station and the command center. As fans anxiously waited to see who else had died in the second blast, many of the team were revealed to have survived, though it is known that Clayton Haas was killed.

As Sunday’s episode ended, Alex was lured to a dark and remote location, and she soon saw colleague Nathalie Vasquez approach, bombs strapped to her chest. Nobody else wanted to believe Parrish that Elias had been working with someone, but now Alex has proof that this was indeed the case.

TVLine chatted with series creator Joshua Safran to get some Quantico spoilers about what comes next. Safran teases that the storytelling will slow down a bit to focus more singularly on some of the characters on the canvas. Of course, viewers watched as an entire new crop of recruits was merged with Alex’s class, but the series creator says that the merge truly comes off seamlessly.

Did Caleb Haas make it through the blast? Viewers noticed that he was nowhere to be seen in the current-day scenes, and everybody is dying to know just what his involvement was in that command center blast. Quantico spoilers tease that Caleb did not die in the blast, but he may have been harmed in some way.

In addition, fans should not expect Caleb to pop up anytime soon in current-time scenes to join his former NAT trainees. Many are expressing their disappointment about this, but everybody will need to stay tuned to see where things head with Caleb’s storyline. The Quantico spoiler preview at the end of Sunday’s episode teased that another agent is about to die, but so far anything more specific regarding this next departure remains under wraps.

Safran also chatted with Entertainment Weekly, and he notes that there were no other significant deaths in the command center blast yet to be revealed. While the casualties will be a weight on the team throughout the rest of the season, it seems that Clayton’s death is the only one that will be specifically called out. Quantico spoilers detail that Claire Haas will be an increasingly prominent figure throughout the rest of Season 1, and viewers are going to be left wondering about Caleb for some time ahead yet. In addition, fans will be seeing some juicy moments between Alex and Claire quite soon.

Quantico spoilers tease that there are multiple people involved in this grand plan, as there were several voices layered into the phone call Parrish got during Sunday’s episode, though it was a big difficult to pick up on that detail. Just when folks think they have a hunch who is behind all of this, things are shaken up and more mysteries emerge.

In the next episode, viewers will discover that one of the kidnappings laid out in the midseason return is fake. Miranda’s son, Charlie, has been in a tough spot, and seemingly opened up just a bit about who had kidnapped him, but it’s pretty clear there are more tidbits to be revealed. In addition, Shelby’s fake sister was supposedly kidnapped, and Quantico spoilers indicate that both kidnapping stories will be resolved within the next few shows.


What about Parrish and Vasquez? Quantico spoilers detail that they will have to cross a line they don’t want to cross in the next episode, and they will both be struggling over that. As determined as Alex is to figure out who is behind these blasts, it is said that she will continue to struggle and she won’t be getting any big wins anytime soon. Parrish has been reinstated with the FBI, which creates a big challenge for her, given the terrorist’s insistence that she help the bad guys now.

ABC has already renewed Quantico for Season 2, and that has fans wondering where the show will head from here. Quantico spoilers indicate that this season’s big storyline components will be tied up by the Season 1 finale, but big changes and shifts will emerge, teasing viewers about what will happen come fall.

What did you think of the midseason return Sunday night? Who do you think is ultimately behind the terrorist plot and where is Caleb? Stay tuned for more Quantico spoilers as the next episode draws near and tune in to ABC Sunday nights to see what comes next.

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