March 7, 2016
Alison Sweeney Speaks Out Against Company Claiming She Endorses Their Diet Product

Alison Sweeney is speaking out against a company that is saying that she endorses their diet product, and she is not happy. The actress, who is best-known for her time on Days of Our Lives, wants everyone to know that they are using her name without permission. Michael Fairman Soaps shared what Alison Sweeney had to say and how upset she is about this company using her name. Alison has been a spokesperson for several products in the past, but this is not one of them. At this time, Alison isnt even sharing the name of the company, but it is a supplement from the makers of Garcinia Cambogia.

Alison Sweeney spoke out in the video against this company. It is obvious that she is upset about it all.
"They are lying to sell their product. I would never endorse or support a product that doesn't believe in living a healthy lifestyle. I absolutely continue to believe that the way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat right and work out. And that is the kind of thing I want to share with my fans, and I continue to do so."
Alison is calling it a "bogus Internet scam" that they are using her name to try to sell their products. She wants her fans to know that they are out lying to her fans and friends. Alison says they posted on Instagram and an article, both fake, saying that Alison said them. She revealed that these are things that she would never say. Alison also shared that she does support the products she has endorsed during her career, but this is not one of them. Alison goes on to say that this is a form of "identity theft" and that they have to be stopped. Alison Sweeney is fighting back against them.
Hello Magazine recently shared what Alison Sweeney has to say about staying healthy and how she does it. Using this supplement is obviously not the answer for her. When asked about staying motivated to work out and eat healthy, Alison shared it is about how she feels.
"I ultimately don't care what I weigh, it doesn't matter. What matters is what I feel about myself. Am I able to ski down the mountain with my kids and not be out of breath? More importantly skiing with kids, can I push my kids back up the mountain? Can I climb off my skis and go get the pole she [Megan] left halfway up the slopes? I'm certainly out of breath at the end but I can do it, and I can be that mom for my kids and that makes me really proud and I want to keep myself in shape for all of those challenges."
Alison Sweeney also likes to make sure that she does fun things with her kids. They will go on walks and hikes, which is a great way to stay active. Alison wants to be a good role model for her kids, and admits that even if she wants the french fries, she won't always eat it because she doesn't want her kids to see her eating that french fry. Alison doesn't always have time for an hour-long class, but she will still find a way to work out.

Are you shocked to hear that a company would use Alison Sweeney's name and try to say that she is endorsing their product without her permission? Are you happy that Alison is speaking out against them? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Days Of Our Lives]