Josh Duggar Back Home In Arkansas, Rumors Rage On About Anna's Pregnancy

Josh Duggar is best known as the disgraced member of the incredibly popular Duggar family. His actions and choices have cost his entire family a lot, and he seemingly walked away unscathed without any consequences. From finding out that Duggar molested his sisters to his porn addiction, fans were shocked at the issues thrown into the public eye last year. 2015 was an extremely tough year for the Duggar family, but more so for the women than the men. While Josh Duggar left to get help before the year ended, nothing has been the same for the family.

Last week, Josh Duggar celebrated a birthday. His parents posted on their Facebook page, wishing him a happy birthday and acknowledging his poor choices. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about where he is currently living. According to Fashion & Style, Josh Duggar may be back home in Arkansas. There has not been confirmation from the family of this, but speculation reveals this has been coming for quite some time. Duggar went to rehab last year in Illinois. From there, he was able to get visits from family, which included several private moments with his wife, Anna Duggar. There was never a time limit assigned to his rehab stint, so being home again is a possibility.

The simple fact that Josh Duggar's parents acknowledged his mistakes has fans wondering about what will happen next. There has been no information on whether or not the eldest Duggar will be part of the new show the family landed on TLC. Several fans are still very much against him being on television, especially those who have watched since the beginning. Anna Duggar will definitely be part of the show, as she has been living at the family home while Josh has been in rehab. Without job skills, Anna is basically destined to be a baby machine, much like Michelle Duggar was for Jim Bob.

Rumors have been plaguing Josh Duggar and his wife since last year. When the scandals broke, Anna was pregnant with their fourth child, Meredith. It took a large toll on their marriage, but ultimately Josh Duggar kept his wife and family. Several reports have indicated that Anna Duggar is pregnant with the couple's fifth child. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar was frequently getting visits from Anna in December and January. If they were allowed to have relations, the possibility of another child on the way is likely. The pregnancy announcement is expected to happen during the return of the new TLC Duggar show, Jill and Jessa: Counting On. Fans aren't sure what to believe about the pregnancy, but they are happy the couple has decided to work through the issues instead of divorcing.

As of now, Josh Duggar's whereabouts are unconfirmed. He could have been let out of rehab to celebrate his birthday with his family, or he could be home for good. There are a lot of questions surrounding how the family will handle Josh Duggar upon his reintroduction to society after being away from them and living in Illinois. After being away in rehab for several months, his life is going to be different. Many fans are waiting for confirmation of Duggar's return home. There were photos of his sisters baking a cake around the time Duggar celebrated his birthday, which lead many to speculate it was for him. The Duggar family has learned to keep things quiet, especially after what happened last year. They defended their son, and he disgraced them. Josh Duggar nearly cost his entire family everything because of the decisions he made. While things are different now for Josh Duggar, he cannot come back home without being redeemed.

[Image via Anna Duggar/Twitter]