#Romneyshambles: The Best Twitter Jokes From Mitt Romney’s Olympic Gaffe

Mitt Romney’s week leading up to the 2012 London Olympics didn’t go very well. The GOP candidate was criticized by both Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, and Prime Minister David Cameron after the GOP candidate made a few Olympic gaffes. A new hashtag was even coined, #romneyshambles, to collect all of the Mitt Romney Jokes.

According to the Atlantic, Romney had three big missteps while in London. He called the preparations for the London games “disconcerting,” he talked about a secret meeting with the head of the British intelligence agency MI6. Lastly, and, this one happened a few years ago, Romney called England a “small island.”

Mayor Boris Johnson, Prime Minister David Cameron, the British Press, and generally all of England, were pretty upset with Romney.

Johnson said: “Of course it’s easier to host an Olympics Games in the middle of nowhere.”

People started taking to Twitter to mock the GOP candidate and even invented a hashtag, #romneyshambles, to make sure all of their jokes stayed organized.

Romney has become a favorite target for Twitter users. The social networking site mocked Romney over his “retroactively retiring” comment and even attacked his wife after she said “you people” during an interview.

Here are some #romneyshambles jokes from Twitter.

Americans: This Mitt person is some sort of American Borat, right? #romneyshambles

— P M (@Pawelmorski) July 26, 2012

Dear America,It’s OK, we understand.We sent you Piers Morgan so you’ve sent us this clown.Yours,Britain#romneyshambles #AmericanBorat

— Paeds SHO (@PaedsSHO) July 27, 2012

What do you think of #romneyshambles? Was Mitt Romney’s trip to London really that bad?