‘Just Jillian’ Spoilers: Is Jillian Michaels Engaged To Heidi Rhodes?

The entire first season of Just Jillian has focused a lot on if Jillian and Heidi will ever get married. Jillian has made it very obvious that marriage is not something she is a fan of, and it doesn’t look like these two will ever tie the knot if it is up to her. She loves Heidi but thinks that things are going fine for them the way that they are already. Heidi has made it clear that she wants to get married and really hopes Jillian will change her mind. As of last week, things were not looking good for Heidi getting her way, but things are looking up for her. Perez Hilton shared spoilers about the big finale of Just Jillian this week, and things are looking pretty good for Heidi getting her way.

Heidi and Jillian were recently spotted getting ice cream together in Malibu. Pictures were taken of the two, and both of them have a ring on their wedding ring finger. It appears to be an engagement or wedding ring, but of course, Jillian and Heidi aren’t speaking out about it yet. The ring on Jillian’s hand is more of a band with diamonds and Heidi as a big diamond on her finger.

The news is also out that Jillian Michaels’ proposal drama will all play out on the season finale of Just Jillian. It had to take a lot to convince Jillian to propose, but she does love Heidi and the two have two small children together already. The fans can’t wait to see how this will all go down. It is always nice to get to see that sensitive side of Jillian Michaels that she doesn’t always show.

At this time, Just Jillian has not been officially renewed for Season 2. Fans would love to see this show come back once again, and if it does, then wedding planning would be the perfect storyline for Season 2. Jillian and Heidi seem like the perfect match, and viewers can’t wait to see more of them.

E! Online shared that Heidi recently called Jillian Michaels a cheater, but it isn’t for the reason that you think. When it comes to cheating on her wife, Jillian would never do that, but when it comes to a game of hide-and-seek with the kids, Jillian just might take advantage of their weaknesses. In the clip from the show, Jillian is explaining that she faked that she was going up the stairs to throw off their game. She is trying to teach her son Phoenix all the ways that he can pull out a win in this game.

Next, Jillian Michaels will help her son hide from Heidi in their little game of hide-and-seek. She sends Heidi to the bedroom to count so that she can’t cheat on finding them. Phoenix doesn’t do a very good job, though, and tells his mom where he is at right away. Heidi says that Jillian cheats in Candy Land to make sure she wins, but, of course, Jillian says she only does it to make sure Phoenix can win sometimes. At least the only cheating she is doing is in a game with their children.

Do you think that Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhodes will tie the knot? Are you shocked to see that Jillian may have changed her mind about marriage? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss new episodes of Just Jillian on Tuesday nights on the E! network. Don’t miss the Season 1 finale on March 8.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]