Kylie Jenner: Internet Is Going Bananas Over Her Bodyguard

Kylie Jenner never fails to stay in news. Whether it's her lip kits or her relationship with Tyga, she knows how to get attention. While she calls out those who are accusing her for dating him for his money, there is another sweet update on her Instagram. This one shows Kylie with her really hot bodyguard. It's not clear whether Kylie intended her body guard to be in the picture or if she just wanted a good shot of herself wearing a short suede dress.

The fans have listed several comments in admiration of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. "hey what's up hello to her body guard????????????????" one comment says. "He is smokin' guuurrrl," says another.

Some even go as far as to convince the start to drop the rapper and date the bodyguard.

"O M G????????PLS DROP TYGA????AND DATE THIS GUYYY????❤OMDSSSS A BODY GUARD AS UR BOYFRIEND????WHAT ELSE COULD U POSSIBLY NEED OTHER THAN DAHZ????????????". While yet another said, "drop Tyga and date him."

However, this cute picture turned into a bitter Twitter spat with her fan, who wrote a rather rude comment on Twitter.

The conversation started after a fan lamented, "if this is your bodyguard then what are you still doing with tyga." However, another fan responded to this tweet rather rudely.

"Her bodyguard can't buy her a Ferrari," the tweet said.

But Kylie is not the one to keep shut. She immediately wrote a scathing reply.

"You act like I can't buy my own Ferrari. Idgaf about ur money or looks," she said.

The argument became pretty hot after the poster of the tweet apologized, saying she loved her and that she was only joking. However, that didn't go down too well with her fans, who called her out again for what she said.

Kylie replied with a kind tweet after the apology, but there were several fans who criticized the tweet and posted evidence of her true hatred for Kylie. It does seem like Kylie has a bunch of very loyal fans that just can't take the criticism and they made sure that they called out the person who was bringing Kylie down. It makes sense why Kylie Jenner would be upset about it. She has a net worth of $10 million, while the rapper has a net worth of $5 million.
Although it's not known who the body guard really is, it sure has caused a lot of enthusiasm among her fans. However, it's clear that she and Tyga are still a sweet and loved up couple as she continues to post cute pictures of herself.
There were also rumors that the rapper was running into money problems, the Inquisitr reported. TMZ had reported that the rapper had not made payments on his 2013 Mercedes G-Wagon, and that it was going to be repossessed soon. Sources say that he has not made payments on the car since October, and that according to the documents TMZ had seen, documents had listed Kylie as his girlfriend and her address as a place to repo the SUV.The luxury vehicle had reportedly cost the rapper $233,000 when she bought it for Kylie -- which was supposed to be a birthday gift, Daily Mail has said. Page Six had also reported that there was an eviction notice against the rapper for his $4.8 million property, which he rents at about $17,000 a month. And this was not the first time Kylie Jenner's boyfriend was late on his rent. Last August, he was asked to pay $70, 000 in rent for a property at Calabasas. So, even if Kylie was with him for the money, it doesn't really look like he has much.Do you like Kylie Jenner's bodyguard? Do you agree with her fans that she is with the rapper for the money?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]