‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: ‘Women Tell All’ Brings Nerves For Ben Higgins, Tears And Drama For The Ladies

Monday night fans of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season will see the “Women Tell All” special, and Ben Higgins will be there to face the women he eliminated throughout his journey to find love. Just how wild will this one get? There are some Bachelor spoilers available for this episode and fans can’t wait to tune in and watch all of the drama play out.

Olivia Caridi was one bachelorette who found herself in the middle of a lot of drama, and Bachelor spoilers detail that she will be right in the midst of it all during Monday’s “Women Tell All.” As a clip shared via the show’s Twitter page details, Caridi will spark some outrage in Emily Ferguson, and Amanda Stanton confronts her about that infamous Teen Mom comment, as well.

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken down the scoop regarding this “Women Tell All.” Spoiler guru Steve Carbone teases Bachelor spoilers indicating that in addition to Olivia’s time in the hot seat, viewers will see Jubilee Sharpe, Lace Morris, and Caila Quinn head up onto the stage, as well.

Lace was the source of some outrageous and comical moments early on in this Bachelor season due to her repeated confrontations with Ben, and there will be talk of her willingness to do Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Morris seems a likely lock for this next cast, though things will not be pinned down until later in the spring. Viewers will also see a “Women Tell All” audience member show off the tattoo he got of Lace, an outrageous moment to be sure.

Monday’s episode also brings some frank talk from Jubilee, who faces some intense accusations from fellow bachelorettes Amber and Jami regarding race. Jubilee certainly got people talking throughout Ben’s season, and it sounds as if she will be doing it again doing the “Women Tell All.” Will this Higgins’ cast-off manage to mend things with some of her former castmates?

As for Caila, the lady that Higgins eliminated after the overnight dates, Bachelor spoilers indicate that this will be a “Women Tell All” segment where the groundwork is laid for making Quinn America’s Sweetheart as the Bachelorette 2016 lead. The Bachelor spoilers detail that Caila will talk about falling in love with Ben and being heartbroken, but she will also share that she is looking ahead to finding love again.

As is typical with these specials, lead Ben Higgins will spend some time up on stage, as well. This Bachelor star shared with Entertainment Tonight that the taping had some rough moments, and he was nervous to see all of the bachelorettes. Higgins shares that he was very anxious to see everybody, but it seems that ultimately the ladies were very kind and complimentary toward Ben.

While there may be some intense moments between some of the bachelorettes during Monday’s “Women Tell All,” Bachelor spoilers indicate that Higgins himself isn’t torn apart too much by the ladies he eliminated throughout his journey. In addition to the drama among the women and the segment with Ben, viewers will get a new, extended sneak peek into the finale and Higgins’ final rose ceremony.

The Bachelor spoilers have teased that this last episode will be a dramatic one, given the fact that Ben told both JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell that he is in love with them. Reality Steve’s spoilers have detailed which bachelorette is said to get the final rose, and Higgins himself has said he is engaged and happy.

Will there be blindsides on the way to the “After the Final Rose” special set to air on Monday, March 14? Fans cannot wait to see how the rest of the season plays out with Monday’s “Women Tell All” and then Ben Higgins’ finale of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season.

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