Tim Remington, Idaho Pastor Who Prayed At Ted Cruz Rally, Has Been Shot

Tim Remington, the Idaho pastor who prayed with Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz at a rally Saturday, was shot and injured after church on Sunday morning. Police are currently conducting a manhunt for a suspect, a former Marine who may have substance abuse and mental health issues.

As MSN reports, Remington, a former street preacher known locally for his work with drug addicts and the homeless, famously prayed with Ted Cruz at a Saturday rally in Coeur d’Alene. The well-loved and well-respected preacher put his arm around the candidate, then gave a “rousing invocation” while Cruz kept his head bowed.

Remington was back to work on Sunday preaching at his church, the Altar Church, in Coeur d’Alene. After services wrapped up, Remington was walking into his car when he was ambushed. Witness John Padula, also a pastor at the church, said that the gunman approached Remington and emptied his gun into the pastor’s back.

“It didn’t look like the first time he had shot. He stood pretty professional as he was shooting.”

The suspect then drove away in a silver 2004 Honda Accord.

Reviewing security footage from Sunday’s services, Padula says that the suspect can be seen “wandering around” the church after the services, seemingly waiting for a chance to ambush Remington.

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— D Murphy (@Murph7071) March 7, 2016

Police have named a 30-year-old Couer d’Alene man, Kyle Andrew Odom, as a suspect. Odom is a former Marine, lending credence to Padula’s observation that the shooter acted “professional,” as if he had previously fired a gun, when he shot Remington.

According to a Facebook post by the Couer d’Alene Police Department, Odom should be considered “armed and dangerous.”

As of this writing, police have not suggested a motive for Remington’s shooting, and it is not known if his assault was connected to his association with Ted Cruz.

However, throughout his ministry, Remington and his wife, Cindy, have been known to work with the homeless, drug addicts, and the mentally ill. They began their ministry in San Bernardino, California, where Remington learned some harsh truths about the nature of drug addiction.

“It was there they became interested in street ministry and the people that are typically ignored; those who have problems with drugs, alcohol, and perversion. The street ministry days, from San Bernardino to L.A., taught Tim more about drugs and alcohol than all the education he ever had.”

In what is being described as nothing short of a miracle, Remington is expected to survive the shooting. In a Facebook post, Remington’s friend Roger Crigger says that the pastor is expected to make a full recovery.

“Just talked to Cindy Remington at the hospital and, as it stands, as far as I understand it, Tim Remington will simply have more reason to boast in the Lord!!! Shot six times and not ONE vital hit. One of the bullets TRIED to enter the brain but stopped at the skull, one of the bullets busted his hip, one fractured his shoulder pretty bad, but he is and will continue to be ALIVE AND SERVING GOD! I’m saying, by today’s worldly standards it IS a miracle, but by Gods standards, it’s another chance to show and appreciate the powerful hand of God! HIS NAME IS TIM REMINGTON AND HE LIVES, IN JESUS NAME!”

The Cruz campaign, meanwhile, is offering their support in whatever way they can to their friend and ally. Speaking to NBC News, Cruz campaign spokesperson Catherine Frazier said Cruz and his campaign are praying for Tim Remington and his family.

[Photo by Matt Rourke/AP]