Joe Giudice Partying With Other Women Before Heading To Prison?

Joe Giudice has been spending plenty of time with his wife, Teresa Giudice, and his four daughters, as he knows that he will turn himself in on March 23. He is scheduled to serve over three years behind bars for fraud, which took place over several years. And while Teresa was locked up to serve just under one year behind bars, there were many rumors that Joe was cheating on her. And now he’s out flirting with others — right in front of Teresa.

According to a new Radar Online report, Joe Giudice was caught flirting and partying with other women this weekend, just weeks before he’s scheduled to turn himself in. He was busted drinking with a group of women at an event, where Teresa was also present. Radar Online claims that he was partying it up with a bunch of women, building on the rumors that he had cheated on her while she was in prison. And onlookers supposedly took note of everything he was drinking.

Joe Giudice was supposedly drinking quite a bit over the weekend, even though he has admitted to having a drinking problem. But it is possible that this will be his last weekend out partying with friends, as he only has two weeks left until he has to turn himself in. Teresa feels she has nothing to worry about; she stands by her man and doesn’t believe that Joe has cheated on her while she was away. But back in May, pictures were taken of Joe on a date with strip club employee Samary Graulau in May. Teresa hasn’t talked about those.

“I know the truth, we both know,” the mother-of-four told Radar Online previously. “They took pictures of him with his friends and the girls were with his friends.”

In addition, she believes that if Joe Giudice has cheated on her, the women “would’ve come out by now. We both want to be with each other. If we didn’t want to be with each other, we wouldn’t be.”

Over the next four years, Teresa will stay in the home that Giudice built for the family. But she knows that their life in New Jersey may change once he’s released. It is no secret that the judge may deport him once he’s released, and they want to deal with that issue following his stay in prison. Joe Giudice never became a U.S. citizen, which means he could easily be deported.

“There is no way Joe is going back to Italy without a huge long legal battle,” an insider told Radar Online last year, according to the Daily Mail. “He had already begun the steps to become a citizen as the criminal case against him developed.”

As for Joe, he has revealed that he’s ready to do whatever is necessary to get out of prison early and deal with this deportation. The family doesn’t want to leave New Jersey, especially since Teresa’s family is all there to support her, but she has revealed that she will pack everything up and leave everyone behind to be with her husband and children in Italy.

“I just want to get out as quickly as I can and do whatever I can to get out of there,” Joe Giudice has previously revealed about his upcoming prison time, according to the Daily Mail.

Until he goes away to prison, one can imagine that he wants to go out and be with friends.

What do you think of Joe Giudice’s behavior around other women? Are you surprised that so many people want him to cheat, or are you surprised that Teresa Giudice is sticking with him despite his behavior?

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