Candace Cameron Bure Explains Why She Kicked Stunt Double To The Curb For Favorite ‘Fuller House’ Episode

Candace Cameron Bure spent some time in a wrestling ring for an episode of Fuller House, after she took it upon herself to skip the stunt double and perform in a very physically demanding scene herself. In an interview with the WWE, Candace Cameron Bure said the Fuller House episode “The Legend of El Explosivo” ranks as her personal favorite on the hit Netflix Full House spinoff, but she admits producers initially didn’t expect to see her get into the ring for the wild wrestling scene.

In the interview, Candace Cameron Bure revealed that she and her kids love watching wrestling on TV at home, so she already knew a lot about how the sport before she got the script for the Netflix revival. After stunt doubles were brought in for rehearsals for the sixth Fuller House episode, the 39-year-old star decided that she could handle the physically demanding wrestling scene herself.

“The first day in, they brought the stunt doubles and they said we’re just going to watch the stunt doubles. They’re going to work out the wrestling routine, and then they’ll do everything and we’ll just come in and do close-up face shots of me and edit it all together. Well, I watched the stuntwoman do the routine and I just said, ‘She’s not doing it! I’m doing it. I can do that!’ “

While Cameron Bure said she’s not an athlete or a gymnast, she revealed that she has always loved getting physical and routinely participates in hardcore obstacle courses and road races. In addition, Candace competed on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars in 2014, so she’s used to doing plenty of tricks and kicks. But while she nailed the Fuller House wrestling episode, Cameron Bure revealed that everyone on the set was a little worried for her to take on the potentially dangerous scene.

“They were all nervous that I wouldn’t do it and they didn’t want me to get hurt. I’m like, ‘Listen, I know I can do it.’ All the producers watched the first cut and they couldn’t believe that I was doing it. It was so much fun; I had a blast.”

Candace also said the “scissor kick” was her favorite wrestling move, and everyone on set freaked out after she did it. (It does look pretty dangerous!)

“It’s the one move I did that I thought looked the most crazy, insane tough and people were like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that’s you!’ “

But Cameron Bure said the move isn’t hard as long as you have good core strength, which she obviously has. Candace also added that would “totally be down” for more physical stunts for the next season of the sitcom spinoff.

While some fans were surprised at how physical Candace got in the wrestling scene, and in an earlier Fuller House episode set at a dance club, producer Bob Boyett told E! News he wasn’t totally surprised that Cameron Bure opted not to use a professional stunt double after her experience on DWTS.

“I think I would have been [surprised] a couple years ago, but after seeing her on Dancing with the Stars, I thought, who knows what she can do? She was the one who said, let me do everything. She did a good job.”

The first season of Fuller House is currently streaming on Netflix, and Season 2 is on the way. Would you like to see Candace Cameron Bure get back in the ring for another round?

Check out the video below for more on Candace Cameron Bure and her Fuller House stunts.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]