John Loveless Arrested In Mexico For The Death Of Missouri Woman Tamra Turpin

Attorney John Loveless has been detained by Mexican authorities in connection with the death of his disabled girlfriend. Tamra Turpin, 36, was found strangled on Wednesday at a condo in the resort city of Playa del Carmen just outside Cancun, Mexico.

John Loveless, 59, was moments away from boarding an airplane to Atlanta, Georgia, when authorities seized him. He is now in custody facing potential homicide charges.

Tamra Turpin of Union, Missouri, was confirmed dead by officials at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. The embassy has offered condolences to the family and is aware that a U.S. citizen has been arrested in connection with the case. They ask that all questions regarding the matter be forwarded to Mexican authorities.

As reported by Fox News, Turpin was found dead in a rented condo. An autopsy examination determined she died of asphyxia by strangulation.

After suffering from several seizures, Turpin was taken to the hospital earlier in the day, according to family members. Loveless contends she was released from the hospital even though something still seemed wrong. She died at the condo late Wednesday morning.

“We were in shock,” said Turpin’s cousin, Julie Burr. “I never expected anything like this.”

Turpin and the Missouri attorney had known each other for about a year and have taken other trips together.

Late last year, another woman was killed by asphyxia in the same Mexican resort town. This time, however, her death was part of a strange set of events that occurred in a hot tub.

As reported previously by the Inquisitr, a Canadian couple who were in Playa del Carmen for their daughter’s wedding were staying at the Playacar Hotel. Supposedly, Charles McKenzie, 67, and his wife Dorothy, 63, were having sex in the room’s hot tub.

The couple was later found dead. Authorities believe Mr. McKenzie suffered a heart attack and somehow drowned his wife. During the investigation, they did not find any evidence of foul play and determined the deaths were a tragic accident.

Missouri woman killed in Playa del Carmen hotel.
Millions of tourists visit the beaches near Playa del Carmen and Cancun every year. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for MTV]

Playa del Carmen is a resort town located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is a booming tourist spot that draws large numbers to its beautiful beaches, coral reefs, and Mayan ruins. Roughly 10 million people, mostly Americans and Europeans, visit the area every year.

However, there is a dark side. Quintana Roo police have been trying to solve a string of murders that occurred in October.

At least seven women were brutally beaten, sexually assaulted, and killed. Two of them were strangled, and all of the victims’ bodies were dumped in public places. Official reports say 18 women total were murdered in Quintana Roo by the end of 2015, a 27.5 percent increase over the year before.

Evalena Duncan, Tamra Turpin’s mother, is struggling with her daughter’s death and hopes to find out exactly what happened.

“It’s very difficult, very difficult. We’re just praying that the truth be known and trying to deal with comprehending that she’s gone. Prayers are needed for our family. Prayers are needed for the family of the companion also.”

During her teen years, Turpin was in a car accident which caused her disability. While not specified, the injury kept her from being able to work.

Turpin did not have any children but owned several pets. Family members said she deeply cared for her loved ones and friends.

As family members gathered at Turpin’s home this past weekend, a GoFundMe account was created to help raise the $8,000 needed to have her body brought back to the U.S. Since his arrest, John Loveless has not made any official statement, and it is unclear if there is a local attorney representing him.

[Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images]