Gizelle Bryant Defends Herself After Being Called A Hypocrite On ‘RHOP’

Gizelle Bryant is known for stirring the pot on The Real Housewives of Potomac, even though the show is only a few episodes old. The whole season is only 8 episodes long, but fans have fallen in love with some of the women on the show. And Bryant is already being labeled as the troublemaker. That label is one she wears proudly this week, as Bryant mocked her co-star’s charity efforts.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant is now revealing her honest thoughts and feelings about Katie Rost, who kept her in the dark about her charity planning. And then she was kicked off the committee. Now, Bryant is mocking Katie a bit in her blog, as she doesn’t appreciate being treated that way.

“The way that Katie says ‘not sure’ about EVERY question asked in reference to an event that she is putting together is AMAZING. It inspires me to want to throw a big charity gala. I don’t need to know who’s coming, have a venue, or even invite people, but it’s going to be a HUGE success,” Gizelle Bryant reveals in her blog, adding that she was actually happy that she was removed from the charity.

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“Katie kicking Robyn and I off the committee and even uninviting us to the event made me feel so sad inside that I almost shed a tear….HA! I was actually relieved…who wants to put on boxing gloves and step into a heavy weight fight in order to help someone? I was shocked that Katie got so defensive so fast, we were just asking for clarity, we didn’t ask for a kidney or a pint of blood, just a venue and a guest list…geesh!” Gizelle points out.

Clearly, she’s happy that she doesn’t have to work with Katie and help her out with the charity. It’s sad to see, however, because Katie had already been turned down by Karen Huger when she was asking for help with her charity. It sounds like none of the ladies really want to help out, but it could be because of Katie’s own words and methods of communication. As Gizelle Bryant points out, she didn’t get much information from Katie about her charity, which could have turned her off.

And it sounds like Katie Rost may feel a bit hurt by Gizelle, because she decided to throw out the controversial label of “hypocrite.” And for Bryant, this doesn’t make much sense, as she doesn’t understand the label. In fact, it sounds like Rost may just have said it to hurt Bryant, who was shocked by the label. But she didn’t take it too seriously.

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“Relationships are tough, even the best of them, and break-ups are even tougher. Figuring out how to handle the break-up can be even harder. That is why I love that everyone, I mean everyone writes a blog about their break-up and posts it on the internet for the world to read. And when I say EVERYONE, I’m only talking about Katie. How do you post a blog for the world to read, but then get mad when people read it? It’s like inviting everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner and then get mad when people start eating the food…Makes. No. Sense. Katie calling me a hypocrite, I will refer back to the previous sentence…Makes. No. Sense,” Gizelle Bryant points out, sharing that she doesn’t think Katie’s attacks make sense.

Of course, Katie herself may have been going through some troubles, as she has pushed her fiancée to propose to her. Plus, she recently came out as bisexual, which is something many viewers have been reacting to.

What do you think of Gizelle Bryant’s comments about the hypocrite comment?

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