March 7, 2016
'Eagles' Randy Meisner's Wife Shot To Death, Domestic Violence Suspected [Breaking News]

It's been a bad few months for the Eagles, with the loss of Glenn Frey, and now the death of Randy Meisner's wife by a gunshot wound. An hour and a half before the shooting, Meisner's wife, Lana Rae Meisner, called 911 to report domestic violence at her house. She alleged he was acting erratically and threatening with a BB gun. The next call to 911 was from Randy Meisner, claiming his wife had been shot in the head.

According to the Inquisitr, the Eagles are still mourning the loss of one of their founders, Glenn Frey, from complications of a series of illnesses, including pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis. Frey founded the Eagles along with the drummer and sometime lead singer, Don Henley. Randy Meisner was part of the original Eagles.

TMZ broke the news of the shooting death, and of Randy Meisner's mental health history and institutionalization. When the police arrived at the Meisner home, Randy Meisner was acting "in an altered state" and was taken to the hospital. Randy Meisner's children have allegedly been trying to get a conservatorship based on his mental instability. At one of Meisner's stays in an Encino hospital, he threatened to kill everyone there with an AK-47.
Page Six is referring to the death of Lana Rae Meisner as a "freak accident" that occurred Sunday night in the Meisner's Los Angeles home. It is being reported that after Lana Rae Meisner called the police, she was reaching for something in a dark closet when a gun accidentally went off.
"There was an accidental discharge of the firearm. It was completely accidental, there is nothing indicative of a murder, homicide or a suicide," LAPD Detective Gus Barrientos told the Post.

As if anticipating additional questions, the detective qualified his statement.

"It's a weird accident, that's all I can say. There was absolutely no struggle, just a freak accident."
Radar Online is reporting that the police were out to the Meisner home twice yesterday, as they came out when Lana Rae Meisner called to report domestic violence. The police left the first time without making an arrest, but came back when the shooting was reported. Randy Meisner explained that his wife was looking for something in the closet where he kept two guns, and she shot herself accidentally.
"She was looking for something in the hall closet, and Randy told cops one of the guns was falling and in the process, Lana Rae caught it and it ended up blowing her head apart."
It is being reported that in 2015, Randy Meisner's friend, James Newton, was granted the conservatorship that Meisner's children were seeking over the musician, because Meisner was threatening to kill himself and others. Meisner was being treated for alcoholism and a mood disorder.

The story is still developing, and there has not been an official ruling on whether the death was a homicide, suicide, or accidental death.

Fox News is reporting that Randy Meisner is being cooperative with the investigation, and is trying to understand exactly what happened. The police do have a full domestic violence incident report from earlier in the evening.

Eagles fans around the world are saddened by these events.

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