‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Morgan’s Bipolar Disorder Story Line Comes To A Head, Was It As Good As You Expected?

It was an emotional week for the Corinthos family on General Hospital for the first week of March. The soap has taken on many issues over the years, and this time, they have put bipolar disorder in the forefront. However, this was not the only time it has been addressed. Sonny Corinthos was diagnosed with the disease years ago, and now his son, Morgan, is suffering from the same thing.

Fans have watched Sonny struggle with his bipolar disorder in the past, and it was quite heavy for a while. But now that he has come to grips with it by taking his medications and choosing to let his family help him, the mobster has finally come to grips with it. In fact, actor Maurice Benard suffers from it, as well, and has been quite outspoken about it.

Maurice Benard portrays Sony Corinthos. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Viewers have also seen Morgan grow up on General Hospital, and he has been portrayed as a hothead who doesn’t seem to listen to anyone. Morgan Corinthos has always seen himself as second fiddle to older brother Michael. He begs for his dad’s approval, and does whatever he can to get it. There was no denying that he is his father’s son, because he acts just like him, and now we know why.

The writers of General Hospital had chosen to continue the bipolar storyline with the younger Corinthos, and it has been a doozy. Whatever you may have felt for Morgan over the years, this time you may have had your heart ripped in two as you watched the show over the past few days. He has basically been portrayed as a spoiled brat who thinks that everyone is against him, but it has been a different story now. This could all explain just why he has always been so explosive and destructive.

You have to admit that Bryan Craig’s portrayal of Morgan Corinthos has been extraordinary. Who knew that the young actor had so much emotion? His character’s mental state is so unstable right now, especially after he threatened to jump off the ledge at the hospital.

The aftermath of that has been torment for those who love him. Sonny and Carly were at first at odds over how to handle their son’s health. Either they take the chance that Morgan goes to prison for attempted murder, or they come up with a plan to put him in a temporary mental facility so that he can get the help that he needs that they can’t give him.

The moment that Sonny, Carly, Andre, and Diane Miller meet with Morgan at the hospital to tell him he only has one alternative instead of going to prison was the moment that Morgan totally lost it. He wailed, cried, threatened, and begged his parents not to let him rot in a mental facility. Who didn’t feel the fear that Morgan felt at that moment?

You could see the pain in Sonny’s eyes as he pictured the four walls closing in on him. Also, Carly has been in a facility before, and she lets her son know that he will get healthy enough to be back with his family soon. Even Diane brought on the tears as she told Morgan that she has watched him grow from a little boy to the young man that he is today. She tried to gently comfort him, but at the same time stood firm on what he needs to do to keep from spending any time in prison.

Carolyn Hennesy and Maurice Benard. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for DATG)

Morgan finally came to terms with his situation and even got to say an emotional goodbye to Kiki, who eventually woke up from her coma and called out his name after he had left the room.

Kudos to some of the best acting in daytime drama that has led to General Hospital fans having their hearts breaking over Friday’s episode. Not only did Bryan Craig give a gut-wrenching performance, but so did Maurice Benard (Sonny), Laura Wright (Carly), and Carolyn Hennesy (Diane). You could feel the anguish of this hard decision they all had to make.

Sound off your thoughts on Morgan’s bipolar story line on General Hospital. Did you think it was done well?

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