‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers — Everything You May Have Missed In New Behind-The-Scenes Footage

With the sixth season of Game of Thrones only months away, the series has done a great job of balancing its release of promotional materials without leaking too many spoilers. While HBO has released a number of posters and short trailers, the series has managed to keep spoilers to a minimum. However, while the latest promo trailer didn’t leak anything major, the new footage offered some hints about what’s in store for the characters of Westeros this year.

According to Vanity Fair, the new trailer focused on the behind-the-scenes action and the camera crew behind the brilliant series. Not only did this provide an interesting look at the work that goes into every Game of Thrones scene, but it also gave some clues about the new season along the way.

For starters, this includes what appears to be a flashback scene involving Ned Stark. The scene shows two young boys sword fighting in what looks like a Stark setting. Although it has not been confirmed, this could be a young Ned practicing with his younger brothers, Brandon and Benjen.

When Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was murdered in season 1 of 'Game of Thrones,' fans knew no character was safe. [Image via HBO]
When Ned Stark (Sean Bean) was murdered in season 1 of 'Game of Thrones,' fans knew no character was safe. [Image via HBO]

At the same time, the trailer also revealed that Daenerys will be rescued in Season 6. At the end of Season 5, the character was left in a tough spot with Dothraki soldiers. The scene in question features Daario and Jorah walking down a passage without any weapons. Are they on their way to rescue the queen?

While it appears as though a rescue mission has been mounted, Daenerys might not need one after all. There is a scene in the trailer that shows the queen gaining the support of a massive Dothraki army. This is largely accomplished after she lives through a public burning, which inspires the Dothraki’s to follow her into battle.

Luckily, the trailer also proved that Bran will not spend the entire season in a cave. While some fans speculated that the scenes of Bran outside the cave in the earlier trailer were only visions, the new footage shows Ellie Kendrick joining Bran in the wintery woods.

Bran Stark will return for season 6 of 'Game of Thrones,' after not appearing in season 5. [Image via HBO]
Bran Stark will return for season 6 of 'Game of Thrones,' after not appearing in season 5. [Image via HBO]

Sadly, the fate of Kit Harington’s Jon Snow was not among the spoilers in the new Game of Thrones trailer. As expected, HBO is keeping a tight lid on anything related to Jon’s fate in Season 6.

Meanwhile, apart from the fun spoilers, Mirror is reporting that the trailer also offered an interesting perspective from the camera crew. Considering the epic scope of the show, the work that the cast and crew put into the series really is daunting. For the men and women behind the camera, this includes fighting the weather and exotic locations.

“I would say the biggest challenge we’ve come across on Game of Thrones is probably the terrain for us,” cameraman Sean Savage explained. “Yes we shoot some very beautiful photographs – or at least I hope we do – but to get the cameras into those positions, to overcome the challenges, and still make it look fantastic and great, that’s the big thing.”

According to Uproxx, Ben Wilson, a camera operator with the Wolf Unit, added that weather also plays a critical role in filming, especially in the battle scenes.

“Wind, rain, heat. Often these locations are dusty and gritty. So, the gear is always having to be carefully looked after,” Wilson shared. “Chances are we’ll have a lot of horses, or a fight sequence. So, we’re going to generate more dust. As well as that, there’ll probably be lots of fire aspects in. Probably be a lot of special effects guys with big fans throwing grit through them to make it even worse.”

Season 6 of Game of Thrones is set to premiere April 24 on HBO. Watch the behind-the-scenes footage below and let us know what you think in the comments.

[Image via HBO]