Louis Tomlinson And His Girlfriend Hit Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber Haunt

He may be in the midst of a custody battle with baby mama Briana Jungwirth, who “does not want her son near Louis’ new girlfriend,” according to Hollywood Life, but Louis Tomlinson is not allowing any drama to come between himself and Danielle Campbell. The couple were spotted at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, a favorite venue of the Kardashian sisters and their pal Justin Bieber. The Nice Guy was the site where Bieber was last seen with former fling Kourtney Kardashian, as the brunette siblings and Justin celebrated his Grammy win, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Louis was dressed casually in his trademark black skinny jeans, a denim jacket, and white T-shirt. The One Direction star appears to have cut his hair recently, and the longer section of hair that swoops to the right is beginning to look a touch emo — it contrasts more dramatically now with the cropped left side of Louis’ hair. This is likely to grow out quickly, though, and is probably not a calculated attempt to go for a Pete Wentz-ish emo cut. It’s startling only because fans have gotten used to seeing Louis looking a little shaggier!

The devil-may-care new dad and all-around lovely person, who has been dubbed “daddy cool,” finished the look with a single cigarette tucked behind his ear. From a distance, it looked like Louis had gotten himself a dramatic new piercing or like he was taking a call using a very minimalist hands-free set with a white earpiece.

Danielle wore a short black number and kept warm in a short red jacket. There was a funny moment when Louis extended his hand behind him to reach for Danielle but encountered a woman with a partially-shaved, mohawk/undercut hybrid haircut instead.

There was a moment of confusion, but Danielle Campbell was not far behind, and Louis’ long-haired lover soon emerged.

Freddie’s poor dad was hounded for photographs as he tried to relax. Some of these requests were captured on film.

This clip, where a girl wails at Louis that she “didn’t get a picture earlier,” is kind of sad!

Louis appeared in good spirits, though — he was also caught on film cooing at another fan and calling her “so nice” and “sweet”!

The One Direction heartthrob was spotted again today baring some leg in LA. Louis broke out his trademark “check this person out!” gesture as he posed with a guy wearing a novelty “pugs not drugs” T-shirt.

Louis posed patiently with a few fans, an easy grin on his face and a hoodie covering his hair. The lucky fans thanked the heartthrob for taking time out and indulging them.

It follows an up-and-down couple of weeks for Tomlinson. The star’s beloved grandfather Keith died late last month, prompting an outpouring of love, prayers, and condolences from Directioners, as reported by Unreality TV.

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]