March 7, 2016
WWE News: Ryback Set To Get Major Push To WWE World Title Matches After 'WrestleMania 32'?

When it comes to people who are literally the type of talent WWE loves, guys like Ryback stand out big time. He's a big guy who fits the mold of the "big guy" WWE loves to push. Well, he fits the mold of talent that Vince McMahon loves to push. WWE has tried to do this in the past, as they brought in Ryback as a monster type of guy and even put him in main events.

He would go on to have WWE Title matches in fact, but he did not land well. He then fell down a bit, and WWE is now trying to put him back in the spotlight to once again push him to the main event scene. He has been considered dangerous in the ring. On top of this, the fans did not take him seriously as a main eventer.

Whether that was due to his bad wrestling or the fact that his promos weren't very good, no one in management seemed to get why Ryback was not doing well. Now they are trying to once again push him, but there are conflicting stories as to how far they are willing to go.

Punk Ryback
[Image via WWE]

Cageside Seats reports that WWE is considering having Ryback go after the WWE World Heavyweight Title after WrestleMania. That means we could see "the big guy" face off with Roman Reigns. What a Spring for the main event world, right?

Meanwhile, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE wanting to push Ryback into the United States Title hunt. This would make sense, as Kalisto really has only worked with Alberto Del Rio. That means the now-heel looking Ryback could go after the U.S. Title and potentially do big things with it and earn his way up the card.

This would be good for Kalisto in some ways, as it could get the both of them on the WrestleMania card. Whether it is on the pre-show or the first match out, it is well worth the investment, as there is nothing going on in the U.S. Title hunt right now. Kalisto is usually performing in tag team matches, and they have really not allowed him to stand out as a singles performer outside of his numerous matches with Del Rio, which fans have now seen enough of.

Ryback Kalisto
[Image via WWE]

As for the World Title hunt, that would simply be too crowded for Ryback to jump right in. If he did work with Reigns, he would only be able to give him one match, and then the summer would see the returns of John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Cesaro. All three are more worthy of a World Title opportunity than Ryback right now. Even a 15-time World Champion, who has been on our television for over a decade, is someone fans want to see with a World Title. While some would disagree and think Ryback is well worth the World Title investment, it also doesn't make sense for him.

First of all, it would affect Roman Reigns. Win or lose at WrestleMania 32 against Triple H, he'll have to do a rematch or would find a way back in. The rivalry with Triple H won't just end at WrestleMania. Next, there is no reason to put Ryback in there if they are planning to push him. All this really does is help push him down in favor of someone like Roman Reigns, who WWE wants to push to the moon. If he did face off with Ryback, it would surely be time for fans to tune out, as few people want to see that kind of rivalry even if The Authority are involved in making it occur. Some would even say especially if they are involved.

[Image via WWE]