Jim Ross Says CM Punk’s Decision To Leave WWE For UFC Was The Right One

It’s been well-over a year since CM Punk decided to walk out of WWE, and there are still some who are questioning if he made the right decision. Eleven months after leaving the world of professional wrestling, Punk decided to join the world of mixed-martial-arts, as he signed with the UFC in December of 2014.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has yet to compete inside the octagon since he signed on the dotted line with the world’s premier mixed-martial-arts organization, and injuries that he suffered during his pro wrestling days are the biggest reason why.

Last fall, CM Punk injured his shoulder, which kept him out of action for several weeks. Then last month, following the announcement that he would likely fight the 2-0 Mickey Gall at UFC 199 this coming June, CM Punk revealed that he needed back surgery to repair a lingering injury from his WWE days, which was caused when Ryback accidentally slammed Punk on the floor, instead of slamming him onto a table.

With the injuries piling up, more and more people are beginning to believe that CM Punk will never compete inside the octagon, and many are beginning to question if choosing to sign with the UFC when he’s banged up and in his mid-30’s was the right move for the former, self-proclaimed “Best in the World.”

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross was asked about CM Punk’s venture into the world mixed-martial-arts in a recent Q&A session, and Ross seemed optimistic that the former WWE star will stay the course, and eventually end up competing inside the octagon.

Ross also said that Punk choosing to leave WWE was the right move because he was miserable there, so leaving the worldwide leader in sports-entertainment was the best move that he could make.

“Yes, (he was right to leave) because he was miserable with the WWE. He’s a very introspective guy with a high IQ who seemed to be more at peace leaving the turmoil of the WWE behind. But it has kind of followed him with the lawsuit with the WWE and the injuries that have postponed his UFC debut. I think he’ll stay the course and eventually make his (UFC) debut. What kind of career he will have? I’m not so sure. He’s an attraction. A well conditioned Kimbo Slice, if you will.”

Punk not only plans to make his UFC debut at some point this year, but he’s said in the past that he plans to fight at least eight times before he ends his mixed-martial-arts career.

There has been some chatter over the last couple of weeks that CM Punk will be returning to WWE, and that he’ll have a role at WrestleMania 32 this coming April. What started these rumors? Well, several weeks ago, John Cena posted a photo of CM Punk’s Twitter avatar on his Instagram page, which caused WWE fans to freak out, and think that WWE was planning Punk vs. Cena at AT&T Stadium.

(Image via WWE)

Then, WWE reactivated CM Punk’s profile on their website, which again caused many fans to freak out, and think that his return to WWE will happen in the not-so-distant future.

A CM Punk WWE return is unlikely to happen anytime soon. If it were going to happen, it would probably already be public knowledge by now, as UFC would have released him from his contract.

Monday’s RAW is taking place from Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois, so if he were to return, he’d do it there. But, again, that’s unlikely to happen, as he’ll likely do exactly what Jim Ross suggested, which is stay the course with his MMA training, and eventually make his UFC debut, possibly at this July’s UFC 200 event.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images For WWE]