Will ‘New Girl’s’ Jess And Nick Ever Get Back Together?

One of the most interesting elements of Fox’s New Girl is the relationship between Jake Johnson’s Nick and Zooey Deschanel’s Jess.

While the pair finally got together during the third season of the show, their relationship came to an end later that year. Over the last season and a half, the sitcom hasn’t reunited the duo romantically. But, during a discussion with Entertainment Weekly, New Girl’s executive producer and writer Brett Baer insisted that Nick and Jesse weren’t done forever.

Baer explained, “No, it’s never totally shut with those two, which is the fun of it. We’ve actually had a nice time trying to write away from that and let it be it’s own thing and let the pot simmer a little bit, but it’s exciting to think that we’ve got like an extra color in that box now, because bringing [Megan Fox] in does create all sorts of new dynamics that we haven’t played at his point.”

Season 5 of New Girl has been a slightly odd concoction. Not only did it return in January, rather than in September when the rest of the new seasons for shows premiered, but it almost immediately saw its leading actress Zooey Deschanel leave for a string of episodes.

The reason that the show provided for Zooey Deschanel’s exit was that she was on jury duty, when, in actuality, the actress and singer was pregnant with her first child. Rather than having their ensemble depleted, New Girl decided to bring in guest star Megan Fox as Reagan. She replaced Jess in the loft, and, over recent episodes, Nick has developed a crush on his new housemate.

Warning: I am about to mention SPOILERS for the latest episode of New Girl.

This culminated in Reagan and Nick kissing in the latest episode, with the pair admitting that they have feelings for each other. However, this dynamic is set to get a little bit more complicated when Deschanel returns to the mix in this Tuesday’s episode, which also just happens to be the show’s 100th episode.

Speaking about why the show’s writers were happy to see the return of Deschanel’s Jess to New Girl, Elizabeth Meriwether, who created the sitcom, explained to Entertainment Weekly, “We were happy to have that perspective again [of a] character who is so positive and full of love and wants everyone to admit their feelings and say how they feel.”

“[She’s] actually the perfect person to walk into the mix of the Nick-Reagan relationship, because both of them are so closed off and sort of messes.”

Last month, as the Inquisitr reported, Megan Fox spoke about the impact that the character of Reagan would have on New Girl, insisting that she would shake things up.

Fox remarked, “Most of the characters in the show are very weird and neurotic and really type-A characters, and so she’s coming in and shaking them up a little bit. What’s great is that she’s this really tough-talking, strong, truth-telling character that comes into the loft and kind of calls everybody out. She’s not putting up with any of their crap in a great way.”

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