NeNe Leakes Warns Kandi Burruss After She Hears What Was Said On ‘RHOA’

Kandi Burruss may have heard some angry honking outside her home on Sunday night courtesy of NeNe Leakes. After The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired, NeNe warned Kandi that she was coming after her after hearing what she said about her in the latest episode.

On the latest episode, Kandi learned from the women returning from Jamaica of NeNe’s return and that everyone got along. Kandi questioned why everyone was suddenly on good terms with NeNe again when NeNe threw her and others under the bus in the past. Kandi was especially perplexed to hear that NeNe was friends with Sheree Whitfield again. In their previous seasons together, NeNe and Sheree often clashed with one another.

NeNe received a lot of tweets from her fans about what Kandi said. NeNe asked people what Kandi actually said since she didn’t watch the show.

NeNe later admitted that her “timeline is on fire” over Kandi’s comments.

In response to a viewer who tweeted that NeNe predicted that Kandi would make a funny face upon hearing of her return, NeNe pointed out that she was right. Yet NeNe indicated that things between her and Kandi are fine now by adding two tears of joy emojis to her tweet.

NeNe tweeted Kandi that she’s on her way to her house to honk her horn. Again, NeNe indicated that she was just joking and that all of her tweets were in jest since she added the tears of joy emojis to her tweet.

Sheree Whitfield actually paid Kandi Burruss a visit on Saturday to see her infant son, Ace Well Tucker. Kandi revealed that she and Sheree talked for hours. Will NeNe Leakes visit Kandi and Ace soon as well?

In mid-November 2015, as Bravo reported, Kandi had two baby showers to celebrate the impending birth of her baby. One shower was attended mostly by her personal friends while another baby shower was thrown by her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. Everyone on the cast, with the exception of NeNe, attended the second baby shower. At that time, NeNe was busy rehearsing for her Broadway role as Mama Morton on Chicago, so that may have been the reason for her no-show.

Perhaps they hadn’t reconciled yet. Things between NeNe and Kandi got bad during the airing of season 7 over Kandi’s comments regarding NeNe. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, NeNe, upon hearing Kandi say in her confessional interviews that NeNe believes that she’s better than others and wants everyone else under her control, lashed out at Kandi on social media.

During an interview with Us Weekly in April 2015, NeNe said that if given the choice between a role on Kandi’s musical, A Mother’s Love, or Kenya’s sitcom, Life Twirls On, she would choose Kandi’s play so that she could outshine her.

“I know how much she hates me, so I would definitely outshine the s**t out of her in her own play!”

Several months later, NeNe announced her departure from the show. Yet NeNe didn’t stay away for too long. She later made the decision to return to the show for season 8 in a lesser role. Upon hearing that NeNe was returning to the show, Kandi reminded people, during an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, that the show is made up of an ensemble cast.

“My whole thoughts were, ‘OK, cool. How are we going to make the show better?’ Because, for me, it’s never about one person. This show is not about one person, it’s about the group. And I think people fail to realize that until they actually watch the show and it’s good.”

A preview for The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 8 season finale episode shows NeNe confronting Kandi about her supposedly bad attitude about her. Kandi doesn’t look amused. In her confessional interview, NeNe comments on the faces that Kandi gives her whenever they talk.

“Most of the time when I’m having a conversation with Kandi she is giving me all kinds of faces!”

Suggesting that they’re actually now friends and see the humor in their past drama, Kandi Burruss actually posted a snapshot of the scene and joked about the face that she made while NeNe Leakes was talking to her.

I think this is the face @neneleakes was referring to... Lol! Make sure to tune in to #RHOA at 8pm on @bravotv.

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