Destination America: Fan Favorites And New Paranormal Premieres

Destination America has been developing a niche in paranormal shows, and they are adding two more this month to their growing list of ghost hunters and things that go bump in the night. The first new premiere, Paranormal Lockdown, debuted last Friday to a lot of critical acclaim from serious paranormal investigators and ghost hunting fans. Then, on March 28, Destination America introduces Haunted Collector to the programming lineup.

Paranormal Lockdown pairs up two fan favorites, Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures and Katrina Weidman from Paranormal State. Like Ghost Adventures, Groff and Weidman enter investigation sites and go into lockdown, but instead of overnight, they push the limits by going 72 hours. Their first investigation was the Trans-Allegheny Asylum, and upcoming locations include The Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky; Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio; and Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, Indiana.

Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff
Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff of the new paranormal series Paranormal Lockdown. [Photo courtesy of Destination America]

Haunted Collector focuses not on haunted sites, but on haunted objects, such as paintings, jewelry and dolls. John Zaffis specializes in investigating paranormal objects and has created his own museum of haunted items. He’ll be joined by his children Chris and Aimee, as well as tech specialist Brian Cano. In the premiere, they go to Lake Charles, Louisiana, to help a woman look for haunted objects in her house, and then travel to Deep River, Connecticut, to the public library that has strange occurrences and a typewriter the types by itself.

Several other paranormal shows continue on Destination America through March, as well, starting with Mountain Monsters, which airs Saturdays on the network. The Appalachian monster hunters look for Bigfoot, known locally as Ash Man, in Huckleberry’s hometown within Wirt County, West Virginia. They return to Huck’s farm where he and his brother first saw a massive Bigfoot, leading to Huck’s obsession with the creature.

Paranormal Files: Fact or Faked continues Thursday nights, with Ben and his team going to Fishers, Indiana, to investigate a civil war cemetery. Meanwhile, Bill’s team travels to San Luis, Colorado, to investigate the mystery behind an unexplained cattle mutilation. Next, the two teams travel to McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois, for a ghostly mist in a wine cellar, and to Fremont, California, to debunk or verify a video of a triangular-shaped UFO. More ghosts, aliens, a mermaid, and a Bigfoot investigation of their own follow in March.

Speaking of aliens, Alien Files also continues on Thursdays with new episodes focused on Black Triangles, portals, alien bodies, and UFO zones.

A Haunting
[Photo courtesy of Destination America]

Last but not least, A Haunting delves into first-hand stories of supernatural evil by telling the first-person accounts of those affected. Using dramatic recreations of real incidents, A Haunting has new episodes involving a man who moves his family to the suburbs of Baltimore only to find they’re sharing their house with an unwelcome presence that makes mysterious sounds. At first they think the activity is harmless, till the man gets scratched and his wife sees a face that isn’t human.

The paranormal series also tells the story of Dennis Pongratz who collected World War II memorabilia from his father, including an armband removed from a Nazi soldier that was killed during a battle. Unfortunately for Dennis and his wife, finding that armband seems to set off some unexplained activity in their home they weren’t expecting. Another frightening story coming up on A Haunting involves Stacy Stowe, who believes the unexplained occurrences in her home are due to the spirit of her deceased husband who passed away in a car accident. Unfortunately, her young daughter is convinced that whatever is causing the strange activity is not her father, but something much more malevolent.

To learn more about these shows, check the full schedule, or explore behind-the-scene exclusives and previews, check out Destination America’s website.

[Photo courtesy of Destination America]