New Korean Celebrity Couple Rumor: K-Drama Actors Kang Dong Won And Jung Ryeo Won Deny Dating Rumors

The Hallyu Wave, specifically K-pop, K-dramas, or both, experienced one of the best years in 2015. Pertaining to K-pop, many rookie groups came on the scene with impressive debuts, including GFriend and TWICE. As for K-dramas, over 10 shows were immensely popular garnering a viewership rating in the double-digits. This includes Producer, She Was Pretty, and the 2015 juggernaut, Yong Pal.

However, 2015 was also a very hectic year when it comes to Korean celebrity relationships. New relationships included IU and Jang Ki Ha, Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ha, and Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon of T-ARA. As for relationships coming to an end, the most popular ones pertain to members of Girls’ Generation, specifically Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona, and Yuri.

Now, Hallyu Wave fans are looking forward to the latest Korean celebrity relationship news for 2016. So far, no relationships have been officially confirmed, but the rumors are coming in, starting with Tiffany of Girls’ Generation and rapper GRAY. The next one making the rounds are K-drama stars Kang Dong Won and Jung Ryeo Won. Both, however, have denied the relationship rumors to be true.

Kang Dong Wong, Hallyu Wave
Kang Dong Wong recently starred in movie "Violent Prosecutor." [Image via Screen Capture of "Violent Prosecutor"]

The rumors of Kang Dong Wong and Jung Ryeo Won dating initiated on online portals before a domestic Korean news outlet picked it up, as reported by Kdrama Stars. The journalist cited a quote from an older vocalist as their source of information about the alleged relationship. However, a statement from YG Entertainment explained that the vocalist had no prior knowledge of the article, nor did he or she provide that journalist a quote.

“He [Kang Dong Won] is sorry for the actress because these dating rumors keep surfacing. The middle-aged singer has no idea how he could be [quoted] as introducing people he doesn’t know.”

Along with YG Entertainment, the agency Kang Dong Wong is signed to, representatives for Jung Ryeo Won also denied the rumors of her dating him. Dong Wong and YG Entertainment, however, are taking the next step forward by threatening netizens who spread the dating rumors with legal action, as reported by AllKpop.

K-drama Star
Jung Ryeo Won, the other half of the dating rumor, also denied them through representatives. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

It should be noted that Kang Dong Won hoped these dating rumors with Jung Ryeo Won would die down, but it seems netizens will not leave it alone. Because they keep reigniting the dating rumors, Dong Won and YG Entertainment had to go the legal route.

“Kang Dong Won seems to have been trying to just ignore the rumors. However, we will find and take legal actions against the one who started this dating rumor.”

As mentioned earlier, 2016 thus far has been loaded with numerous relationship rumors, but hardly any of them have been confirmed. Just like with incidents of past rumors, the actors involved sought out legal action. Back in February, Cheese in the Trap star Park Hae Jin pursued online news outlets with legal action for spreading the relationship rumors that he was dating actress Park Shin Hye.

Presently, this issue is ongoing now that Kang Dong Won and YG Entertainment have retaliated with legal action. As for Jung Ryeo Won, it seems she or her agencies have not done the same. Still, it is possible they may join the witch hunt as well.

Outside of the rumors, Kang Dong Won is still promoting the recent release of The Violent Prosecutor. The film has grossed $22 million in the first four days at the South Korean box office. Jung Ryeo Won was recently in Bubblegum, a K-drama in which she plays Kim Haeng Ah, a radio producer who works at the radio station next to the hospital of her best friend, Park Ri Wan (Lee Dong Wook), since childhood. For those interested in the K-drama, it can be viewed in its entirety (with ads) for free on DramaFever depending on region.

[Image via Screen Capture of The Priests]