Bill O’Reilly rips Michael Jackson (video)

Bill O’Reilly waited until Michael Jackson was completely dead and buried to spit on his grave, launching an amazing attack on his show last night.

In his Talking Points Memo segment, O’Reilly said he was “fed up with the adulation” and “phony platitudes” of the Jackson memorial service, and labeled the sentiments expressed by the participants as “pathetic in the extreme.” O’Reilly also claims that the attention Jackson’s death received “illustrates just how crazy the USA is becoming..a cowardly media will exploit any event for ratings.” As opposed to a coward who waits until someone dies to attack them….

After attacking Jackson for spending money on himself while singing “We are the World,” O’Reilly went straight to race, saying Michael Jackson wasn’t an African American icon because he bleached his skin and has white children.

I may not be the hugest Michael Jackson fan, but I know its poor to speak of the dead, something Bill doesn’t seem to understand. Here’s the Bill O’Reilly Michael Jackson video: