Kylie Jenner Pregnant? Questionable Instagram Post Raises Speculation About Pregnancy [Photo]

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? You’ve probably read or heard that question at least once or twice over the past couple months, but now there’s real speculation. In many cases, insiders and friends close to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars share details about their lives with the media, but this time, Kylie Jenner is actually the reason for the latest pregnancy rumors because of a questionable photo she recently shared via Instagram.

According to InTouch Weekly, Kylie Jenner’s cryptic photo raises speculation because a couple of details have captured the attention of many social media users. In the photo, the 18-year-old reality TV star is covering her stomach, but the real speculation centers around the emoji she used for the caption. Kylie Jenner included an emoji of a baby, which has sparked a media firestorm.

For the past couple weeks, several news outlets have speculated about a possible marriage ceremony that may or may not have taken place. Shortly after the marriage rumors began circulating, the pregnancy rumors followed. Initially, the pregnancy reports were only based off rumors, but now Kylie Jenner is adding fuel to those brewing rumors and unanswered questions.

Here’s the Instagram photo that has fans talking.

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant? No one really knows. Although Kylie’s pregnancy rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, she has revealed how she feels about motherhood and when she’d like to have her first child. Prior to the recent Instagram photo, Kylie Jenner appeared on her sister Khloe’s talk show, Kocktails with Khloe, where she openly discussed motherhood and her desire to one day build a family.

“I want kids for sure. I feel like seeing you guys go through everything, it’s great knowledge,” Kylie announced on sister Khloé Kardashian’s new show, Kocktails With Khloé. “I feel like I want kids before I’m 30.”

The age range Kylie provided is relatively broad and since her motherhood timeline is rather evasive, there is a possibility she and Tyga could be making plans to start a family now. However, it definitely seems highly unlikely.

In a previous report published by Hollywood Life, an insider shed light on Kylie Jenner’s main focus right now. Apparently, she’s much more focused on perfecting her body than having a baby right now. “Kylie doesn’t want to get pregnant anytime soon,” a Kardashian insider said. “She is obsessed with how her body looks and would like nothing more to have Tyga enjoy it, but not enjoy it too much and give King Cairo a brother or sister.

Although the insider’s claims have yet to be confirmed, Kylie Jenner has been rumored to be obsessed with plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements over the past couple years.

By now, everyone with an Internet connection has probably noticed the drastic changes in Kylie Jenner’s features over the past year. From botox to lip enhancements and other cosmetic procedures, Kylie has underwent a number of procedures in hopes of perfecting her face and body. So, even if she and Tyga desire to have a baby, the pregnancy rumors are probably just more chatter. But, of course, you never know what to expect with the Kardashian-Jenner clan so fans will just have to wait and see if Kylie Jenner is really pregnant or if the Instagram photo was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

Do you think Kylie Jenner is pregnant for Tyga or was the Instagram post all part of a publicity stunt? Share your thoughts.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]