Moors Murders Update: Will Body Of Keith Bennett Be Found Soon?

An update to the notorious Moors Murders case may bring final closure to one family after more than 50 years. The Mirror reports that a new picture of Myra Hindley has come to light, which may lend a clue behind the location of the body of a 12-year-old boy that she and Ian Brady killed in the 1960s.

During the years of 1963, 1964 and 1965 Myra Hindley and Ian Brady took the lives of at least five victims. One of those victims was 12-year-old Keith Bennett. He is the only victim of the serial-killing couple whose body has not been found. The search for Keith’s body has spanned across several decades, with his mother going to her grave mourning for the son that she never got to bury. The family of Keith Bennett, along with a heavy following of supporters, are still pushing for justice in this half-century-old case.

The photo that is recently attracting attention was presumably taken around the time that Myra and Ian were committing their series of gruesome and sexually-depraved murders. Researcher Darren Rae has reportedly uncovered the photograph, which shows Myra Hindley sitting on a rock wall. The photo was taken in the dark, during the nighttime. Myra can be seen wearing a pair of gloves — which she wore during the kidnapping and burial of the victims that she and Ian Brady killed. She also used the gloves as a way to lure some of their victims, by claiming she had lost a glove and needed help looking for it.

Darren Rae believes that the photo could be related to the burial site of 12-year-old Keith Bennett. He has even pinpointed a handful of possible locations where the child could have been buried by the serial-killing couple. However, authorities have refused to do anything with the information he has given them, claiming that they will only investigate if potential leads are specific enough.

Myra Hindley and Ian Brady took photos of their victims’ burial sites and kept the photographs as mementos. It was the existence of these photographs which led to the discovery of multiple bodies, but Keith Bennett has never been found — even though the Moors region has been combed numerous times. To devoted people like Darren Rae, finding Keith Bennett is of extreme importance, because it would bring final closure to a case that has horrified people for a little over a half century.

So sad for his poor mother Winnie who died a broken woman. Couldn’t give her little child a proper burial.Xx

Posted by Mary Mcnamara on Sunday, March 6, 2016


Darren believes that the photo was taken around the time that Keith went missing, which seems to be indicated by what Myra was wearing, and the way her hair was styled. The location, and the fact it was taken at night, makes the researcher believe that this photo is a clue behind Keith Bennett’s death.

“I believe it can only mean one thing – a murder or a burial in a shallow grave. It is a possibility that the victim could have been Keith.”

Meanwhile, on social media, sadness is being expressed by people who supported the mother’s endeavor to find her missing-murdered son. Keith Bennett’s mother, Winnie, was very public in her appeals to find Keith’s remains so that he could have a proper send-off. Unfortunately, Myra Hindley took that secret to her grave when she died in prison. Meanwhile, Ian Brady remains imprisoned — an old, dying man — and has never revealed the location of the lad’s remains.

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