‘Scandal’ Season 5, Episode 13 Spoilers: Olivia Pope Finally Faces Fitz, Season To Get Bolder In Conflicts And In Fashion

The start of the second part of Scandal season 5 has been explosive, as Olivia Pope has come back to the gladiators. However, they left a big mystery on what happens now with everyone’s favorite love team, Olivia and Fitz.

To recap, Olivia decided to leave Fitz after undergoing an abortion. She felt so trapped with the restrictions of the White House and she no longer finds the luxury of the politics to be benefiting her. They even got into a fight where Olivia confronted Fitz and told him that she does not stand behind the “big dogs” because she is the “big dog.”

After their fight, Olivia packed her bags and stormed out.

The second half of the season premiered with Olivia helping out supposed arch enemy Melanie Grant to run her campaign for presidency. Interestingly, Fitz was caught having a flirty interaction with a renowned journalist who was supposed to conduct an in-depth interview with him. The scene has confused many fans because they wonder if this means the Olivia-Fitz love team is over.

Appparently, Fitz’s “hookup” will put him into big trouble where Abby will step in to give him a big lecture on the basics of politics. It is not certain if this will be the reason why Olivia and Fitz would reconnect, but it is a possibility, according to Cartermatt.

On Fitz Being Alone

Fitz’s new hookup could be considered a rebound. Though Fitz is entirely focused on closing his legacy as president, it will still be the first time he is alone. He even lost his political companion, Cyrus.

In an interview with Parade, Tony Goldwyn, who plays Fitz in the series, said that his character is “really struggling with being by himself.”

“He hasn’t been alone his entire life. He is very work focused, but it is tough for him.”

Tony Goldwyn added that Fitz and Mellie’s reconciliation is not foreseeable this season.

“Not right now. There is so much bad blood between them,” he said.

Though Fitz is dedicated to support Mellie on her campaign, it is still hard to have the same relationship they had before.

So far, Fitz will have to deal with the pain of being alone.

Olivia On the Rise

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

On the other hand, gladiator powerhouse Olivia Pope is back on track. She has come back as the bold, strong head of the team and she is not settling. She has decided not to become Fitz’ eye candy as he goes parading in the White House. But, Olivia still has unresolved issues about the abortion. It could also be the reason why she has changed so much in this season.


Olivia Pope’s change has also been apparent on her wardrobe. Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo told Vulture that red has been her new theme.

“That was the whole thing. In fact, the crew on the set, it was so funny to see their reaction because they didn’t know. The only people we had discussed any of it with was the lighting department, because it was going to be this huge change.”

Paolo said the entire crew had been surprised by the actual change. It is also a good thing because this just represents the whole new Olivia Pope people should fear in the coming episodes. People thought Olivia Pope could not be any more challenging and bolder, they were wrong.

“[Olivia] has changed. She is approaching her life from a different point of view. She’s a little bit more dangerous. She’s challenging the system a bit more, and now she’s in it for her. She’s not doing this for other people, she’s doing it for Olivia.”

Scandal‘s new episode will air on March 10 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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