Kanye West Talks About Insinuations Of Him Having ‘Lost His Mind’ Due To Twitter Rants

Kanye West has been involved in quite a few controversies in the past weeks. Just a few days ago, he uploaded a controversial screenshot on Twitter that showed an open YouTube window indicating he was watching Sufjan Stevens’ “Death With Dignity.” However, a closer look revealed that the rapper also had another tab open that showed he was most likely looking for an advanced music synthesizing software known as Serum on The Pirate Bay, a piracy site.

Of course, the makers of the software weren’t too pleased, and soon a company representative replied to his post on Twitter. Deadmau5, one of the co-founders of Xfer Records, the creator of Serum posted the following.

“What the f**k @kanyewest… Can’t afford serum? D**k,”

Moments later, he also added, “Let’s start a Kickstarter to help @kanyewest afford a copy of Serum.”

It is not clear why Kanye would want to use pirated software while he could afford it. Apparently, it retails for just about $190. But taking Deadmau5’s statement ín context of recent events, Kanye did state a few weeks ago that he is $53 million in debt, so yeah it may be regarded that he might be developing a penchant for ‘free stuff’.

Ironically, Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo, released recently had generated a downloading frenzy on Pirate Bay upon its release and soon became a top download on the site, with some putting the number of copies exchanged on the site to be over 500,000. According to Hollywood Life, Kanye was so infuriated with this that he sort to take the matter to court. The following is an excerpt of the report.

“Kanye is going to meet with his legal team to discuss the possibilities of starting legal action against torrent site Pirate Bay… He’s going to talk to his lawyers and see where he stands, and hopefully Tidal will partner up with him in any legal proceedings because it was supposed to be an exclusive release… He certainly feels he has a case, with the two factors he’s mulling over being copyright infringement and loss of earnings.”

However, seeing that he may experience a taste of his own medicine following his Serum controversy, he has made an effort to distance himself from the screenshot, stating that the computer wasn’t his. This was while speaking to the paparazzi following a query about whether he considered himself a hypocrite for using The Pirate Bay. The following is the video.

He also talked about allegations by some people that he is crazy because of his Twitter rants, some of which can sometimes depict him to be too self absorbed. The following are some of them.

“KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest Feb 24

I’m happy and free and proud and confident. I’m not crazy. I’m free

KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest Feb 17

There is so much positive energy right now … Let’s stay on this Ultra Light Beam…

KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest Feb 16

Pablo is full of joy and love because I was able to create….

KANYE WEST ‏@kanyewest Feb 14

I promise I’m going to make the world dope…. all I do is make s**t dope #facts…”

Kanye West performing during Yeezy Season 3 [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]

Going by the responses on such tweets, many in his social media circles disregard his rants, with some openly stating that he is off his rocker. There have also been reports that his wife, Kim Kardashian, recently pressured him to seek therapy as a result. However, in the paparazzi video, he shot down the myth that he is crazy stating the following.

“I’m the guy that fully expresses himself and shows artists, look, we have a responsibility as artists to tell the truth. Our skill set is to be able to see the truth and say it, whether you say it with drawing, through the way you dance, through an album, the way you rap. That’s why they say kids are like artists because they see the truth and they say the truth,”

This is as reported by Bill Board.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]