Over 40 Brown Recluse Spiders Invade Nebraska Man’s Apartment

Omaha, Nebraska — Dylan Baumann, a Nebraska man, is incredibly lucky he doesn’t suffer from arachnophobia, considering his apartment in Omaha has been infested with more than 40 brown recluse spiders.

The New York Daily News reports that the venomous spiders have been brought indoors in waves, because of the relentlessly hot summer temperatures. Baumann stated that he began noticing the brown recluse spiders about four months ago, and they are everywhere, he explains, “in the entryway, the bedroom, under the fridge.”

While he has counted 40 spiders so far, he has escaped being bitten by one of the poisonous eight-legged creatures. He has contacted his landlord (like any sane tenant would do), who has called an exterminator “about five times.”

Unfortunately for the Nebraska man, the exterminator has been unable to get rid of the pesky, dangerous invaders. The brown recluse spiders are tough to get rid of, because they are reclusive, and they hide deep within the Omaha man’s apartment walls. Baumann stated, according to Fox News, that:

“I saw them crawling across my walls, crawling along my floor boards and saw it crawling by my foot.”

Experts assure that, while the venomous spiders are dangerous, they are not aggressive and fatal bites to humans are very rare. Therefore, Dylan Baumann has decided to live with them–for now. Baumann stated:

“I’ve learned a lot about them. When you live with something, you want to find out as much as you can about it.”

Dylan Bauman Brown Recluse

Because brown recluse spiders are terrible climbers, Dylan’s bed, which has metal legs, is the only safe spot in his apartment when attempting to escape his eight-legged housemates. Baumann says that he plans to move out of the spider-infested apartment in September, though he will stay in the same complex.

Douglas County Extension Office worker Dennis Ferraro, attributes the higher number of spiders and insects to a relatively mild winter and higher-than-normal summer temperatures, which have caused places like Dylan Baumann’s Nebraska home to be infested with unwanted bugs.

Would you be able to live in Dylan Baumann’s brown recluse spider-infested apartment?