Michele Anderson Convicted Of Murdering 6 family Members, Faces LIfe

Michele Anderson was found guilty on Friday of six counts of first-degree aggravated murder. She faces six life terms with no chance of parole.

On Christmas Eve in 2007, Michele Anderson and her then boyfriend Joe McEnroe shot and killed six members of her family; parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson, ages 60 and 61, Scott Anderson; his wife, Erica; and their two children, 5-year-old Olivia and 3-year-old Nathan.

According to Fox13 News, throughout the course of the trial, prosecutors played audio recordings of an interview Anderson had with police shortly after the bodies were discovered. Half-way through the two-hour interview, Anderson finally broke down, confessing to all six murders.

“As soon as I shot the gun, I felt so bad, like what the hell have I done? I`m a monster, I turned into a monster. I told Joe to lie to cover up what I did,” Anderson said in the taped confession

Murder Victims
[King County Prosecutor’s Office]

Anderson said she shot her parents first. McEnroe distracting Andersons mother in a back room while Anderson shot her father. She then shot her mother in the kitchen, dragged their bodies to a shed on the property, and began cleaning up the blood.

Her brother, Scott Anderson, his wife Erica, and their two children arrived on the premises shortly after where they were gunned down as well. Scott and Erica by Anderson and the two children by McEnroe.

“They were clinging to their mom screaming. I just thought if they saw their parent’s dead, that they would be scarred for life,” Anderson said.

KOMO News reports that, during the trial, prosecutors argued Anderson was jealous of her brother and his relationship with their parents and his wife. Chief Deputy Scott O’Toole said Anderson was fueled by greed and hatred. He said she was angry because her brother owed her money and her parents wanted her to pay rent. She’d been living in a trailer on her parents’ property rent-free.

It took five weeks of testimony and two days of jury deliberation according to King5 News to find the conviction on Anderson.

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“This has been a long haul. This has been eight years of telling ourselves we’ll get through this, we’ll get through this,” said Pam and Tony Mantle, parents of Erica Anderson. “Every year it’s like, we’ll get through this. And now it’s like, we got through it”.


Michele Anderson confessed to planning the murder two weeks prior of the Christmas Eve massacre. 16 shots were fired, killing three generations of family.

Throughout the eight-year case, Anderson has refused to cooperate with her attorneys, as well as refusing mental evaluation testing, claiming her attorneys lie to and verbally abuse her.

McEnroe was convicted of the murders last year and is serving 6 life sentences as well.

During closing statements, Anderson’s defense painted her as a depressed unstable person, who was a victim of mental abuse by her father and brother growing up. They claimed Anderson did not intend to kill anyone that she had simply snapped. There were no witness’ called in her defense.

Anderson initially faced the death penalty but King County Prosecutor Dan Setterberg reversed the decision in July.

[Photo Credit Greg Gilbert/Seattle Times]