Anti-Trump Lindsey Graham Says Brokered Convention Not ‘Fair’, Would Do More Harm Than Losing Election

The South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has been outspoken in regards to his disapproval of Donald Trump as president. However, he says that a brokered convention is not an option, as it would do more harm than losing the general election. Graham says a brokered convention wouldn’t be “fair” to Trump noting that if Trump earns two-thirds of the votes, he is entitled to the nomination, and if the GOP “steals” that from him, it would only hurt the party as a whole.

Donald Trump Surrounded by Media (photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Donald Trump continues to dominate the media. [Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]
Politico reports that Senator Lindsey Graham is stepping up to denounce the idea of a brokered convention, even though he has been notoriously anti-Trump. The outspoken senator notes that though he feels Trump is “exploiting the race” and “playing a political game,” he warns that if the GOP “steals” the nomination from Trump, they will be doing a huge disservice to the party as a whole and may never recover.

“If he got two-thirds of what he needs, which I think he’s well on his way to doing, for us to steal from him is not going to help the party.”

He points out that the Republican party has lost presidential races in the past and survived, and that the focus should now be on how they handle a Trump or Democratic victory. Graham says that if Trump wins the GOP bid and goes on to win the presidency, he doesn’t see it as the doomsday scenario that many are fearing. Instead, Graham says the Republican party would need to work to distance themselves from anything Trump does that does not fall in line with party values. Graham notes that people are “basically fair,” and would not hold Trump policies against House or Senate leaders. Instead, Graham says that the party will need to be vocal about problems in the Trump presidency or problems in the Clinton presidency if she wins.

“I think senators can survive Trump. I think House members can survive Trump because people are basically fair. I don’t think they’re going to be lumping us all under one umbrella if we separate ourselves. And that means that we’re going to have to show the American people that the problems you see in Trump, we also see.”

In fact, Graham seems to think a Trump presidency could help the party by showing that they can be fair. He notes that the party should also focus on “creating a form of conservatism” that can entice young people and people of color.

“You can lose an election. We’ve lost an election before. But what I’m trying to do is focus on the day after we lose. Can we rebuild this party? Can we create a form of conservatism that’s enticing to young people and people of color? I think we can. And I think that’s the only hope for the Republican Party and, quite frankly, one of the big hopes of this country.”

In the meantime, Graham says the party can remain vocal about problems with Trump and Clinton, but that if Trump is able to secure two-thirds of the Republican nominations, he deserves to be the GOP candidate, and that if a brokered convention takes place, they can expect Trump to leave and he would have every right to do so.

“He would leave — and he’d have a right to leave.”

What do you think of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s statements about how the Republican party should handle a Trump nomination at the RNC? Do you agree that the party would need to remain “fair” to Trump by giving him the nomination if he earns two-thirds of the electorate?

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